Obama Persecution of Sheriff Joe Resumes

In 2012, a group of 200 citizens of Maricopa County petitioned the county sheriff to investigate the birth of Barack Hussein Obama. They questioned Obama’s eligibility to run for president or to hold the highest office in the land. They also believed that Obama had presented a fraudulent birth certificate, so they petitioned Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate and he accepted.

Arpaio turned the investigation over to the department’s Cold Case Posse which is a group that operates on donations, not taxpayer dollars. After several months of digging into Obama’s birth certificate, the posse presented clear evidence that the birth certificate presented by the White House as official was in fact a computer generated forgery. They also found evidence that Obama’s Selective Service Card (Draft Card) was also a forgery and that Obama’s Social Security Number was highly questionable.

It was during this investigation that the Obama administration began attacking Arpaio and his department in an effort to discredit them and undermine Arpaio’s credibility. Obama’s DOJ filed legal charges against Arpaio and the sheriff’s department for racial profiling against Hispanics.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Maricopa County, allow me to introduce it to you. The state capital of Phoenix is the county seat. The county has nearly 4 million residents, making it the fourth most populous county in America. The county covers 9,224 square miles, making it larger in size than 4 states (Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut and New Jersey). This means that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department is the equivalent to the state police in those states and several others.

The southwestern corner of Maricopa County is only 30 miles north of the Mexican border. The city of Gila Bend is only a 79 mile drive from Sonoyta, Mexico. Phoenix is less than 150 miles from Sonoyta, Mexico and less than 180 from Nogales, Mexico. This makes Maricopa County one of the main destinations for illegal aliens and drug traffickers. I’ve been told that due to this problem, over 75% of crimes in Maricopa County are directly or indirectly connected to illegals and drugs.

Sheriff Joe takes this threat seriously and has worked hard to fight the illegal trafficking of humans and drugs. Since Hispanics are the ones committing most of the crimes, it’s only logical to expect law enforcement to focus their attention on Hispanics in trying to track down the criminals. If Sheriff Joe did not concentrate his efforts on the Hispanic community he would be derelict of duty to the citizens of his county.

This has been the way the sheriff’s department had been operating for years. It wasn’t until Arpaio launched the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate at the request of his citizenry that the DOJ decided to charge him with racial profiling. One of the first things the DOJ did was to revoke the authority of the sheriff’s department to enforce federal immigration laws. When that didn’t stop Arpaio, they filed formal racial profiling charges and found a liberal judge to hear the case.

US District Judge Murray Snow found Arpaio and his department guilty of racial profiling and issued orders to make it even harder for them to do their jobs in fighting crime and protecting the people of the county. The judge issued an order banning the sheriff’s department from detaining illegal aliens just because they were here illegally. Snow even place a person to monitor everything the department did to make sure it wasn’t targeting Hispanics.

Imagine being a law enforcement officer in an area were over 75% of the crimes are committed by Hispanics and then told you can’t target or focus on Hispanics. It’s like fighting a war in the Middle East and being told you can’t target Arabs. It makes it impossible to do your job or protect the people you’re charged to protect.

Arpaio said that the people of the county elected him to uphold the laws and he fully intended to do just that and the DOJ and court again came down on his case. They continued to attack him like scavengers on a dying animal, but Arpaio was determined not to die or give in, so he and his top officers were charged with contempt of court.

Hearings on the contempt charges started this last April. Many were shocked when Arpaio admitted to the charges. He stated that the people of the county elected him to uphold and enforce the law and that’s what he intended to do. However, the contempt hearings abruptly stopped after Arpaio admitted on the stand that he had launched two covert investigations involving US District Court Judge Murray Snow.

Arpaio’s covert investigation used Dennis Montgomery, a confidential informant from Seattle. Some of the documents that Montgomery had suggested that Snow was linked to an anti-Arpaio conspiracy involving the DOJ and lawyers that represented other plaintiffs in the racial profiling case. With this information, Arpaio’s attorneys asked that Snow recuse himself from the case, but the liberal judge refused.

Snow demanded that Arpaio turn over all documents related to the Montgomery investigation, but Arpaio refused to comply. Ironically, Arpaio was using the very same refusal tactics that the DOJ used with Congress in the Fast and Furious scandal. However, the liberals can’t stand it when others do the same thing, so Snow ordered the US Marshalls to go to the sheriff’s office to get all of the records.

This week, the contempt hearings resumed in front of Judge Snow. We already know that Snow will do whatever he can to destroy Arpaio and the entire Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department all because he investigate Obama’s eligibility. Once Snow declares them guilty, which we know he will, Arpaio and colleagues could face stiff fines, more departmental loss of power and tighter monitoring by the liberal overlords.

This is perhaps the worst and most vicious attack launched by the Obama administration against those who are doing their jobs. They dared question the legality of the Traitor-in-Chief and are now being persecuted for it. The scariest thing is that Hillary Clinton isn’t any different than Obama in this area and if she is elected, many others will suffer similar attacks for doing their jobs and standing up for what’s right and true. The attacks on Sheriff Joe are just the beginning of the end.

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