Obama Phase II: First Up, Arms Treaty and New Taxes

It didn’t take long for the first stirrings of the new, unhindered Obama Administration.

Feeling newly empowered by the American voting majority that hasn’t a clue what it voted for, Senator Harry Reid announced his immediate agenda of limiting GOP senators’ right to filibuster, then passing new taxes, taxes, taxes.

He got support from Vice President Joe Biden, who said while aboard Air Force Two that the election was “a clear sort of mandate” for President Obama to raise taxes.

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Also within hours of the election, the Obama Administration agreed to a UN call for new talks on a small arms treaty to restrict gun sales around the world.

So in other words, the first reactions among Obama’s minions after his re-election were NOT to undertake action to fix the economy or increase the number of jobs or do anything to make anybody’s life easier. No, their first impulse was to make a grab for your wallet and try to hinder anybody who might oppose the Administration, whether they be filibustering senator or bitter, gun-toting Bible thumper.

“On the issue of the tax issue, there was a clear, a clear sort of mandate about people coming much closer to our view about how to deal with tax policy,” Biden told reporters.

Speaker of the House John Boehner called Reid after the election to talk about the impending “fiscal cliff” the media have suddenly discovered the country is heading toward, and he indicated that the GOP is now willing to cooperate on raising taxes. “By working together and creating a fairer, simpler, cleaner tax code, we can give our country a stronger, healthier economy. A stronger economy means more revenue, which is what the president seeks,” Boehner told reporters.

That’s the old fighting spirit, Johnny boy.

So as liberals celebrate another election in which they didn’t have to resort to hanging chads and suing their way into office, the machinery has already begun moving to give the country exactly what liberals have asked for.

Other highlights from the election that will no doubt be plaguing us all very soon include three states approving gay “marriage” (Maryland, Maine and Washington) and two (Colorado and Washington) legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

Way to go, Amerika.

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