Obama to Pitch Global Warming to Farmers Starved by Democrats

With all the attitude and snazz of a salesman selling shark repellent, President Obama is visiting a farm in what the lamestream media term “drought-stricken Fresno,” part of the California dust bowl that used to be the world’s bread basket.

According to the White House, Obama will hold a round table discussion with farmers who have seen their crops and livelihoods wither and die in the past few years, he will blame global warming and then offer the magical help of his executive pen that doesn’t need congressional approval.

It’s all a show. If Obama was the least bit serious about helping California, he would start by throttling “Governor Moonbeam,” Jerry Brown and most of the Democratic-led Legislature, because they’ve done nothing to help the once-fertile San Joaquin Valley since a judge years ago shut off most of the water for farmers to “save” the Delta smelt, a non-native sardine that took over the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta after somebody dropped some bait fish.

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California’s so-called “leadership” has no interest in helping the farmers, the state or anyone but themselves and their contributors. The man-made “drought,” which existed for years in the Central Valley before the latest natural drought hit, has conveniently lowered land prices along the proposed route for the state’s high-speed train debacle, which at this point looks like it won’t go anywhere Greyhound wouldn’t for cheaper and probably just as fast.

If anyone wants to know why a governor and legislature would allow a state’s economy to be crushed by the willful destruction of its agricultural industry, the answer is there’s money to be had in that high-speed rail to nowhere — not for you or me, but the folks in Sacramento who are looking out for us little people.

Now comes along President Wow, who has his hand in orchestrating the state’s ongoing disaster.

In Congress, California House Republicans have successfully pushed through a bill to divert water away from “river restoration” (the Delta smelt) and to the farmers, but Democrats in the Senate plan to kill the bill when it comes to them. If the Senate fails to kill the bill, Obama plans to veto it on the excuse that it “could undermine years of collaboration between local, state and federal stakeholders to develop a sound water quality control plan,” according to Reuters.

Democrats call the bill a “water grab” that will take water needed by species like salmon (which we’re not allowed to eat) and the millions of poor endangered Delta smelt and give it to those environment-destroying farmers.

Today, though, Obama will promise to use his magic pen to open the purse strings of the federal government and deliver millions of dollars in aid to California, which realistically will blow it all on studies, committees and habitat restoration.

So far, the best that California’s “leaders” have been able to muster in order to demonstrate that they care about what they’ve done to the state is to increase the posses of enviro-police patrolling neighborhoods to look for illegal watering of lawns and such.

Republican Rep. David Valadao of California said people in his district “are suffering from drought conditions severely exacerbated by erroneous federal regulations. Families and farmers alike are not receiving the water they need to meet their basic, everyday needs.”

Environmentalist wackos are concerned that when Obama talks to farmers he may get a “one-sided” view of the drought.

Personally, I hope he gets an earful.

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