Obama Planning Tax Increases to Take Effect under Republican President

Frist we had Obamacare that includes a number of tax increases that take effect in 2012 and others down the road in 2013 and beyond.  Now, his jobs bill is to be paid for with taxes that won’t go into effect until 2013, after the next Presidential election.

With his confidence and support eroding, it appears that he is building all kinds of tax increases to kick in after the Republicans ousts him in next year’s election.  Then the Democrats will blame Republicans for going back on their promises by raising taxes.

After all, this is the rhetorical history of the Democratic Party.  President George W. Bush inherited a financial condition created by President Bill Clinton which resulted in the collapse of the mortgage and housing industry.  But the liberally biased media and Democratic Party, including Obama were quick to point their fingers at President Bush for all of the financial problems.

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I tell you now that this will happen again.  Whoever the Republican is that defeats Obama in 2012; he or she will be blamed for all of the tax increases and bigger government put into place by Obama and his Marxist cronies.  After all, when running for the presidency in 2008, Obama promised he would not raise taxes and heaven forbid that he should ever lie to the American people.

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