Obama Praises Himself During Eulogy for Sen. Daniel Inouye

If blacks think they had it bad, what about Japanese Americans in Hawaii after the attack on Pearl Harbor?  Many were interred in what amounted to prison camps until they were deemed to be unconstitutional.

One young Japanese American, Daniel Inouye, was a studying pre-med at the University of Hawaii during the beginning of World War II.  He wanted to do his patriotic duty and join the US military, but the Army had a ban on Japanese Americans enlisting.  However, in 1943 that ban was lifted and Inouye soon enlisted and was sent to Europe.

As a platoon leader, he led an attack against a series of German bunkers.  He was shot in the stomach during his attack on the first bunker, which was successfully destroyed.  Ignoring the severity of his wound, he led the attack on a second bunker and destroyed it with a grenade.  Now, too weak to stand because of the amount of blood he lost, he crawled to within 10 yards of a third German bunker.  As he raised up to throw his grenade, the German soldier inside shot him with a rifle grenade which nearly severed his right arm at the elbow.  The lifeless hand still clenched the live grenade and the severely wounded Inouye managed to grab the grenade with his left hand and toss it into the bunker.  He finished off the attack by firing his Thompson machine gun with his one remaining arm to end the threat.

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Inouye survived his wounds, lost his right arm and remained in active military duty until 1947 where he was honorably discharged at the rank of Captain.  For his actions in battle, Inouye was awarded the Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross and the Bronze Star.  Later on, President Bill Clinton awarded him with the Medal of Honor.

After the war, Inouye attended law school and earned his law degree.  In 1953, he was elected to the Hawaii Territorial House of Representatives.  In 1957 he was elected to the Hawaii Territorial Senate.  When Hawaii became a state on Aug. 21, 1959, Inouye was elected to the US House of Representatives.  In 1962, he was elected to the US Senate where he remained until Dec. 17, 2012 when he died at the age of 88.

Sen. Daniel Inouye was a War hero who spent his entire life serving his country.  Yet, when President Barack Obama delivered his eulogy for Inouye at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, it seemed he was talking more about himself than about the late Senator.  In his address, Obama used the word ‘me’ 12 times; ‘my’ 21 times and ‘I’ 30 times.  All toll, in a speech of only 1,600 words, Obama managed to refer to himself 60 times.

I took speech class in high school and we had to prepare and deliver a eulogy.  We were taught that a eulogy is a speech that praises the deceased person you are talking about.  It’s not about you or anyone else.  It’s about the dearly departed.

But just like his Thanksgiving Day address, or Veteran’s Day address or every other time the President has spoken lately, it’s all about him and how wonderful and great he is.  Election season is over and he no longer needs to keep trying to sell himself to the nation.

If I was a member of the Inouye family, I would be irate and incensed about Obama’s self-centered eulogy.  It was definitely inappropriate, unprofessional and uncaring.  But what do you expect from our self-proclaimed tyrant?

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