Obama Praises Military While Eviscerating Their Budget

President Obama took time to visit Fort Bragg, North Carolina to praise the troops returning home from Iraq.  He poured on the compliments like a six year old at an ice cream bar pouring on one topping of praise after the other.

Standing proud as if he was the returning hero, Obama told the troops,

“You are part of an unbroken line of heroes spanning two centuries — from the colonists who overthrew an empire, to your grandparents and parents who faced down fascism and communism, to you — men and women who fought for the same principles in Fallujah and Kandahar, and delivered justice to those who attacked us on 9/11.”

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He and First Lady Michelle also assured the returning troops that they have been actively recruiting businesses across the nation to create 100,000 jobs for them and their spouses.  Strutting across the stage like a little banty rooster in the midst of a hen house, you could see the arrogance and pride on both of their faces as they made their token appearance which seemed to be more of a campaign performance than a genuine concern.

What Obama did not tell the troops is that while he was lavishing them with praise, he was also drastically cutting their budget like a butcher eviscerating the fatted cow.

Part of the terms for the failure of the congressional super-committee earlier this year included a drastic cut in the defense budget. And since the super-committee failed in their task of reducing the deficit by $1.2 trillion, Obama has vowed to see that the mandated gutting of the military’s budget is carried out to the fullest extent possible.

The Republican House just passed a $662 billion defense budget, however, while Obama extols the accomplishments of the armed forces, he also promises to veto any measure sent to his desk that replaces the budget cuts.  Even though the House has made provisions to pay for their defense bill with cuts from other areas of government, Obama continues his promise to veto.

I hope and pray that the members of America’s armed forces see that Obama is willing to sacrifice our national safety and the safety of our troops for the sake of his political gamesmanship.  Anyone who really cares for our military personnel would not use them and their well-being as pawns in a game of chicken with Congress.  This only demonstrates the contempt Obama really has for the men and women who place their lives on the line so that he has the freedom to rape America of its greatness and freedoms.

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