Obama Prepares 34 Million IDs for Illegal Immigrants

The Obama Administration is soliciting a vendor to create as many as 34 million ID cards for illegal immigrants.

After they were found out, officials insisted it was just routine operations, nothing to worry about, go back to your pudding.

“Solicitations of this nature are frequent practice for all USCIS contracts and allow the Agency to be prepared for fluctuations in the number of immigration applications received, which can arise for any number of reasons,” said Christopher Bentley, a spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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The 34 million IDs would be printed over five years, and the solicitation says the winning vendor must be capable of handling a “surge” of 5 million in one year.

Sen. Jeff Sessions warned that President Obama is moving forward with plans to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, despite opposition from Republicans and the public at large.

“This revelation provides startling confirmation of the crisis facing our Republic,” Sessions told Breitbart. “The President is preparing to issue work authorization and ‘legal’ status to millions of individuals illegally present in the country, in violation of plain statute.”

Rep. Steve King said Obama is planning to violate the Constitution yet again by using executive orders to go around Congress.

“This is the president of the United State preparing the executive branch of government to deal with a massive [number] of illegals that the president is preparing to welcome, and he has promised us for months that he is going to violate the constitution and do this, and then when he found out that it was putting some of the Democrat U.S. Senate seats in jeopardy, then he decided to delay his lawless action until after the election.”

Indeed, the Democrats up for re-election have been avoiding their former champion-slash-messiah as his popularity has taken a nosedive. Just last week, the crowd at a campaign event began getting up and walking out while Obama was speaking.

The USCIS request specifies that the expected “surge” is likely because of anticipated changes in immigration law. Since there is no such bill going through Congress, critics have assumed the USCIS is referring to an executive action.

“The Speaker has made perfectly clear to the president that it is unacceptable for him to unilaterally rewrite immigration law on his own and the Speaker will never support this type of action,” John Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith said.

Based on experience, however, Obama will ignore such warnings. Expect to see the amnesty proceed after the elections, whether Democrats win or lose.

Such a massive amnesty of 34 million illegal immigrants would drastically change this country by adding a population of non-Americans equivalent to a dozen or more smaller states to the voter rolls.

Obama was elected by America haters and millions of convenient ignoramuses after he promised to fundamentally change America. There’s no doubt that he meant that literally, and that the change he has in mind will shift American culture in the direction of Marxist Third World nations.

The hard Left is gleefully going along for the ride. The majority of Americans are clueless about what’s at stake. The Republican Party and Congress are paralyzed by RINO leadership.

Where are the men and women who can stop Obama?

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