Obama Promises Jobs to Americans While Outsourcing Them to Brazil

A large part of President Obama’s State of the Union address had to do with jobs and the economy for working class Americans.  He paraded figures that were supposed to indicate a recovering jobs market when in fact the figures he used did not reflect the millions of jobs that have been lost under his administration.

He promised middle class America that more jobs would be coming their way.  He told them to rely on him and the government to help create jobs so that families could keep their homes and recover from the economic funk the nation is in.

While Obama was standing before Congress and the nation telling them one thing, he’s actually doing the opposite.

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The Obama controlled Pentagon has awarded a contract to Sierra Nevada Corp who in turn will work closely with Embraer, a Brazilian company to produce a light attack aircraft for the US military.  The contract is worth $345 million dollars and would have provided work for 1,400 American workers, most of which would have been union workers, but since it appears that Embraer will be doing most of the work on the aircraft, those jobs will be leaving the country.

Hawker Beechcraft Corp, a Kansas based company has reportedly filed suit, forcing the Air Force to stop all work on the aircraft.  Their suit claims that their company was blocked from presenting a bid for the contract and therefore the awarding of the contract was unfair.  They also claim that their AT-6 aircraft performed better than the Brazilian made counterpart and that it was more popular with the pilots that tested the planes.

Former Republican congressman Todd Tiahrt from Kansas, worked for Boeing before going into politics and now serves as a senior advisor for Boeing Defense, Space and Security as well as heading up his own aviation consulting company, Tiahrt Enterprises LLC.  Tiahrt said the Pentagon’s decision made no sense and,

“The amount of American jobs if Hawker Beechcraft won would be 1,400 American jobs — many of them union jobs and many of them veteran employees.  But in selecting Embraer, there will only be 50 American jobs, and the airplane will actually be built in Brazil.

“He just recently proposed a program called ‘insourcing,’ where he wants to punish corporations that are looking for less expensive work and shipping outside the nation.  Yet that’s the very same thing he’s doing. He’s doing it with the Keystone pipeline, he did it with Russian helicopters, and today he’s doing it with Hawker Beechcraft national security jobs.”

So tell me Mr. President, in light of what you’ve done with the issues raised by former Congressman Tiahrt, how can you stand before Congress and the American people and so blatantly lie while keeping straight face?  Or is it that you are so used to lying that you no longer know the difference between lying and telling the truth?

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