Obama Promises to Buy Failed Green Car After November Election

Chevrolet had great expectations for its green, environment friendly Volt when it rolled off the production lines last year.  They anticipated sales of at least 10,000 cars in 2011 but only sold 7,671, missing their projections by nearly 25%.  Sales haven’t been any better so far this year as they only sold 603 in January and 1,023 in February.

Due to the poor sales of their flagship green car, Chevrolet has announced that they are going to stop the production of the Volt for March 19 to April 23.  The company has an overstock of the $41,000 to $45,000 electric car.

The Chevy Volt is advertised as an electric car, but in reality is a hybrid gas and electric.  It has a whopping 400 pound battery system that only provides enough electricity to power the car 25 to 35 miles down the road.  When the battery dies, a small gasoline motor generates the electricity to power the electric motor.  EPA ratings claim the Volt gets 90 miles per gallon of gasoline, but like most EPA mileage ratings, they are found to exaggerate actual driving conditions.

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When you get home, you then have to plug the Volt into a charger.  The charge takes around 8 to 10 hours and uses about 13-14 kilowatt hours of powers to charge which depending upon where you live would cost you around $2 per charge.  If you have to charge it daily for driving to and from work, it could cost anywhere from $40 and up per month on your electric bill.

To be honest, I wouldn’t spend $41,000 to $45,000 for an electric car that only goes 25 to 35 miles on the batteries before having to run the gasoline generator.  If I wanted to buy an economical car, I would go out and buy one for around $30,000.  It would take a lot of driving to make up the $11,000 to $15,000 difference.

I personally would call the Chevy Volt another green project that falls short of being feasible for the average American.  But in an effort to defend his green programs, President Barack Obama just announced that he would buy a Chevy Volt once he leaves office.  A fitting symbol of Obama’s numerous failed green projects would be to see him driving a Volt in the very near future.  He better get his order in now as it won’t be long until he’ll need it.

It really is appropriate: a failed green car for a failed presidency.

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