Obama: “Proud of Stabilizing the Economy”

I was watching the national news when I overheard President Obama say that the one thing he was most proud about is stabilizing the economy.

This is a stable economy?

If Obama truly believes that this is a stable economy, then that alone is proof enough to get any respectable judge to rule the man insane and delusional and incompetent to run the nation.

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The nation is facing record debt that is rising faster than the number of illegals entering the US.  He alone doubled the nation’s debt and has plans in place to double that again within ten years.  And because of Obama’s financial irresponsibility, the country has experienced its first credit downgrade in history.

The nation is facing dangerously high unemployment levels.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to companies downsizing or closing their doors.  Subsequently, defaults on credit card debt, personal loans and mortgages are at record levels.  There are so many foreclosures creating record levels of toxic debt for the financial world that only the Great Depression has seen more bank closings than what we’ve seen so far during Obama’s tenure.

Many of the leading economists say that America could easily re-enter the recession that many of the American people believe we never left in the first place.  He has bailed out the auto and financial industry to avert a complete financial meltdown.  Other businesses, especially small businesses have gone out of business because of the financial upheaval of the past few years.

And Obama says this is the one thing he is most proud of?

Other than being insane and delusional as mentioned above, the only other reason he could be proud of our current economic condition is that it is part of his plan to steer the nation into financial ruin so that he and his cronies can impose Martial Law and establish their dictatorial rule over the nation.  That, and that alone is the only possible reason to proud of the utter mess he has placed us all in.

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