Obama Rallying Latinos to Go After Republicans for His Failures

At a round table meeting with journalists from American Spanish language newspapers, President Obama urged all Latino voters to tell Republicans that they will not support them until they sit down and take action on immigration reform.

He claims that one of the improvements they have made is to provide better direction to field agents in setting priorities and which criminals to focus on.

Who does he think he’s fooling? Is Obama really that stupid to think that people will believe him when he says things like this or is he such a pathological liar that he believes his own lies the moment he tells them?

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He claims to be providing better direction to field agent when dealing with illegal criminals yet at the same time states like Arizona are enacting their own legislation to give their state law enforcement officers authority to do the job the feds refuse to do. And what does Obama do when states pass their own immigration laws? He files a legal challenge to block their laws. Oh yeah, and he has the feds erect signs along the highways telling American citizens that those areas are extremely dangerous.

Obama goes further when he states:

“We’re going to keep on trying to improve our administrative functions so that we’re minimizing the separation of families, so that people who are basically decent hardworking people don’t get caught up in the system when we’re not focusing, when we haven’t done as good of a job as we need to, focusing on criminals who definitely need to be deported. But in the absence of Congress acting, there’s going to continue to be this tension and these problems.”

Excuse me? If you cross our border illegally, you are a criminal.

So rather than enforce the laws of the land and protect American citizens, Obama would rather just make them all legal citizens. So let me get this straight – they enter our country illegally and work without paying taxes and he wants to reward them by giving them instant legal status. So what is the difference between this and going into prisons all across the land and releasing convicted felons and restore their rights to vote? Oh yeah, Obama has also proposed doing this very thing to some 3-4 million felons.

Isn’t it obvious to anyone else that we have an illegal alien guilty of a felon by illegally assuming the role of President of the United States who wants to grant citizenship and voting rights to 12-15 million illegal aliens and 3-4 million convicted felons in America’s prison?

Republicans should be praised for standing their ground in protecting American citizens and upholding our nation’s immigration laws and we need to let them know that we support their stance. We also need to get rid of all the liberal Democrats who support the President’s desire to reward criminals while refusing to protect law abiding citizens.

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