Obama = Redistribution of Wealth, Romney = Free Enterprise, The Choice is Yours

From the very beginning of the colonization of America, free enterprise was one of the main factors in the growth of the nation.  People were free to try their hand at business.  Some failed and some succeeded.  Some failed multiple times before succeeding.  It was the independence to fail or succeed that helped make America strong.

Those that succeeded prospered and some became extremely wealthy.  Their wealth allowed them to build their businesses and create jobs for thousands of others.  Without their wealth and fortunes, we wouldn’t have many of the industries we now have and millions more Americans would be struggling to find jobs.

But progressive liberals like Barack Obama want to disrupt America’s free enterprise system.  They want to penalize the successful by taking their wealth and giving it to the poor.  This flies in the face of everything America was founded upon.  In fact, that is the heart of socialism.

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In October 1998, then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama spoke to a crowd at Loyola University in Chicago.  In his address to the Jesuit Catholic university audience, Obama told them:

“…the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution? — because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure everybody has got a shot,”

Since taking office as president, Obama has remained true to his belief in redistribution.  He has continuously pushed to increase taxes on the wealthy.  At the same, he has been pooling taxpayer money to use for his special interest projects like green energy.  He has also made a considerable effort to redistribute a substantial amount of money to the poor.  The number of people receiving food stamps and other government aid has increased more under Obama’s tenure than it has under any other president in history.

Obama’s goal is to continue to take from the rich and give to the government and then the government will become the provider for all of the poor and middle class people.  In a socialistic government, the poor and middle class become one and the same and they all become dependant upon the government.  In a socialistic government, the government continues to take from the wealthy until they have all of the wealth, which they use for themselves and to give just enough to the poor to keep them dependent upon the government.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney totally disagrees with Obama’s ideas of redistribution.  In responding to the leaked video from a Romney fundraiser earlier this year, Romney commented about the Obama audio above.

Just like what I wrote yesterday about the chasms between the Republican and Democratic parties, this is one of them.  It has to do with big government, businesses, economy, taxes and entitlements.  Obama and the Democrats are pushing for a socialistic government and Romney and the Republicans are pushing for a free enterprise system.

If you look at history most socialistic governments eventually collapse and are replaced by either a complete dictatorship or a free enterprise system.  Countries that start with the concept of free enterprise historically survive longer than socialistic governments.

When you boil it all down, your decision come November is which kind of government do you want here in America.  If you want a socialistic government that consumes everything and everyone, then vote for Obama.  If you want a government and nation based upon free enterprise where anyone can take the chance of starting their own business, then vote for Romney.

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