Obama Releasing Hundreds of Terrorists from Gitmo to Rejoin War on America

Barack Obama has long made it known that he wants to close the prison at Gitmo. The question he often ducks is what to do with the known Islamic terrorists being held in captivity at Gitmo if the prison is closed.

Without letting America know, Obama is quietly resolving the prisoner issue at Gitmo. He’s releasing them one or two at a time for supposedly justifiable reasons such as they like to bake, want to see a sick mother back home and even claiming to be rehabilitated by taking up yoga. A number of people involved in the prisoner reviewing process say it’s become a joke.

Take for instance Ibrahim al-Qosi, a very high ranking member of al Qaeda and one of Osama bin Laden’s protection detail. His intelligence file talks about his experience using mortars and rock-propelled grenades. It also states:

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“Detainee received basic training at the al-Faruq training camp, and as a UBL [bin Laden] bodyguard, likely received advanced or specialized training.”

According to the New York Post:

“The ‘enemy combatant’ told interrogators it was his ‘religious duty to defend Islam and fulfill the obligation of jihad and that the war between America and al Qaeda is a war between Islam and the aggression of the infidels.’ While imprisoned, al-Qosi had no fewer than 10 disciplinary infractions, including trying to fashion a shiv and assaulting two guards.

In 2007, the Administrative Review Board set up by the Bush administration agreed that he was ‘high-risk’ and said ‘continued detention is necessary.’

That all changed in 2012, after Obama intensified efforts to clear out Gitmo.

Suddenly, the administration was buying his defense team’s ­argument that al-Qosi was merely a cook who originally met bin Laden at a camp where they went ‘for recreation and horseback riding’ and that he only ended up at al Qaeda’s headquarters in Kandahar ‘to get married.’

‘He is now in his 50s, eager only to spend his life at home with his family in Sudan — his mother and father, his wife and two teenage daughters, and his brothers and their families — and live among them in peace, quiet and freedom,’ said Washington attorney Paul Reichler, who once represented Nicaragua’s communist Sandinista government and who defended al-Qosi without pay for seven years.

Reichler failed to mention that his good client’s ‘wife’ at the time was the daughter of another bin Laden bodyguard.

Before US airmen chauffered al-Qosi from Gitmo to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, where the Islamist regime there promised to enroll him in a ‘rehabilitation program,’ Obama made sure camp guards made his remaining days at Gitmo as comfortable as possible. The convicted terrorist was moved to special quarters that featured a flat-screen TV, a fridge stocked full of goodies and an outdoor patio.

Al-Qosi repaid the favor by taking the helm of al Qaeda’s most lethal branch in Yemen. In a new propaganda video, al-Qosi is seen celebrating the terrorist attacks in Paris and vowing to continue targeting America for similar strikes. (A chagrined ­Reichler said he assumed his ­former client was ‘working as a taxi driver in Khartoum.’)”

So far, around 200 released and supposedly rehabilitated Gitmo prisoners have rejoined a variety of terrorist groups that have all declared America to be their enemy. It is estimated that 1 of every 3 released Gitmo detainees went right back to fighting against the US.

Before long, the Gitmo prison will be empty and the Islamic terrorists groups vowing to destroy us will be restocked with many of their leaders, thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

I count this as one of many acts of treason that Obama has committed by aiding and abetting America’s enemies. His actions over the past 7 years clearly demonstrates that he is more loyal to Islamic terrorists than he is to American citizens, but what can we expect from our first Muslim leader who spends millions hiding his past?

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