Obama Rex: The Presidency is Dead, All Hail the King

If one man is allowed to singlehandedly change the law for 800,000 people in a way that he never could have achieved through the constitutional legal process, and he remains unchallenged, we are no longer living in a constitutional republic.

With President Obama’s granting of de facto amnesty to young illegal immigrants through executive order, he has completely thrown out the Constitution and for all intents and purposes made himself a king in all but name.

Not only that, but he has made himself the worst kind of king — a tyrant. Tyrants are those rulers who place themselves above the law.

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For even kings in most of Western history were subject to the law. Obama has made it obvious he feels no such restraint.

This has been in the works for some time. Many of us saw the train coming down the tracks long ago, but many Americans are just waking up this morning to the idea that their country is fundamentally changed. Many more amazingly remain asleep.

Change is what Obama promised and what he’s delivering. Is it really what Americans thought they were voting for? This president has been ruling by decree for the past several years, and his executive orders, when studied as a whole, have a clear (to some of us) and alarming direction.

So far President Obama has signed a total 128 Executive Orders since the start of his presidency.

[CORRECTION: Fact checking is never fun, but it has to be done to ensure we pass along accurate information to you our readers. My initial posting of this column included a list of executive orders that turned out to be from a less reliable source than expected. Those EOs were actually from prior administrations. My apologies to my readers for not adequately investigating the source of the information. As they say, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Below is a revised list of executive orders from President Obama.]

Beyond the usual functional orders, many of Obama’s orders show a definite trend toward bypassing Congress whenever possible and deepening involvement of the Executive Branch in local affairs. Some of the more suspect executive orders are:

  • Executive Order 13609 – Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation — Circumvents constitutional process of treaty negotiation and Senate approval. Appointed presidential policy panel is to consider changing U.S. trade regulations to match laws in foreign countries.
  • Executive Order 13603 – National Defense Resources Preparedness — Updates previous order. In peacetime or times of national emergency, heads of Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Defense and Commerce can take food, livestock, fertilizer, farm equipment, all forms of energy, water resources, all forms of civil transportation and any other materials, including construction materials from wherever they are available.
  • Executive Order 13575 – Establishment of the White House Rural Council — Authorizes a Rural Council to exert control over “agricultural organizations, small businesses, education and training institutions, health-care providers, telecommunications services providers, research and land grant institutions, law enforcement, State, local, and tribal governments, and nongovernmental organizations regarding the needs of rural America.”
  • Executive Order 13544 – Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council — Creates a council that includes the Secretary of Homeland Security and is charged with creating a policy to “achieve national wellness, health promotion, and public health goals, including the reduction of tobacco use, sedentary behavior, and poor nutrition.” Sounds innocuous, but consider New York City’s current efforts to ban certain foods. Do you want Uncle Sam determining your menu?
  • Executive Order 13503 – Establishment of the White House Office of Urban Affairs —  This exceptionally vague order creates an office designed to interfere with and influence policies of city governments in undefined ways by coordinating with federal agencies.

The ball right now is in Congress’ court. It’s up to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to lead the fight.

If Obama gets away with his amnesty by executive order, he will have proved that there is no one who can stop him. He has in place all the legal framework he needs to crack down on dissent and prevent any possible physical resistance. All he need do is declare a national emergency, and his administration has set up several potential “crises” that could precipitate such a declaration.

If it comes to that, there will be no one but us average citizens to stand up for freedom.

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