Obama Says Banks Wanting to Make Money is a Problem

I’ve worked in the business world and in the non-profit world and there is one fact that everyone with such experience recognizes.  If you don’t make money at what you are doing, you don’t stay in business very long.  One has to make money in order to pay employees and for overhead costs incurred in running a business.  If you are fortunate enough to make more than it costs to operate, you end up with a gain or in the case of a non-profit, money to expand.

This has been the bottom line of doing business from the very beginning.  It is the heart of the free market system and what made America great.

However, there is one form of government that does not want privately owned businesses to make money.  That form of government is called socialism.  In socialism, the only businesses allowed to make money are those owned by the government.  Every other business is allowed to operate only if they make just enough to survive or if they give their excess to the government.

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If you’ve ever studied socialism, then you should be well aware that almost everything Barack Obama has done in his first term of office has been steering the U.S. in that direction.  He has managed to take over the healthcare system, student loans and at one time most of the auto industry.  He has also worked long and hard to place restrictions on the banking industry to prevent them from making a profit.  If you don’t believe me, listen to his own words when he tells Jay Leno that we have to put regulations on banks because they want to make money:

This is socialism in its purest form, but most Americans don’t recognize it because they have never experienced it and you can be sure that our liberally run education system would not teach it as such.  Instead, they disguise it as being pro-poor people and teach our children that successful business people are the real villains of our land.

Others who have come here from other countries who have lived under socialist rule readily see what Obama is doing and try to warn us about letting him turn us into another failed socialist country.  Many have come here to escape socialism and are now living with the fear that America will become like the countries they left.

We only have a week left before we find out if we will become a socialist nation or begin to reverse the process.  Besides the issues of jobs, economy, national debt, government spending, foreign relations, or any other important issue in the election, the bottom line is socialism.  Will you vote for it and Obama or will you vote against it by voting for Romney.  This is the real and most important issue to be decided on Election Day.

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