Obama Says He Doesn’t Want Your Guns, Just Criminals’ Guns

Back in Chicago, President Obama made the case once again for more gun control then pleaded for people not to believe he wants to take their guns.

Chicago was the ideal backdrop for Obama’s doublespeak because not only is it Obama’s home town, but it has some of the country’s strictest gun control and is also one of the country’s best-known criminal shooting galleries.

Standing in the middle of living proof that liberals’ approach to guns does not work, Obama nonetheless pitched his “commonsense measures” to an audience of police chiefs who, if they have two working brain cells, must have seen right through his baloney.

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At least eight people were killed by gun violence in the past week in Chicago, according to the Sun-Times. In fact, while Chicago’s overall murder rate has been going down, shootings have been going up, the Sun-times reported.

So if gun control has gotten Chicago to that point, obviously more gun control will make things even better, right?

But even more important than the actual stripping of constitutionally protected rights to Emperor Obama is that nobody pin the blame on him.

Because, as with everything else in the world, it’s all about Obama, according to Obama. And he blames those “certain TV stations” (Fox News) and “certain radio stations” (any station airing Rush Limbaugh) for you thinking that somehow the president might be the guy behind plans to take your legally owned guns away:

“Every time a mass shooting happens,” Obama said, “one of the saddest ironies is suddenly the purchase of firearms and ammunition jumps up because folks are scared into thinking Obama is going to use this as an excuse to take away our Second Amendment rights. Nobody is doing that. We’re talking about commonsense measures to make sure that criminals don’t get them, to make sure we are protecting ourselves.”

As if it’s not creepy enough to hear Obama refer to himself in the third person, the notion that he’s not behind efforts to get rid of legally owned guns is a bit like waking up to find a rapist leaning over your bed and telling you not to worry, nobody’s going to hurt you.

It’s gotten to the point that when Obama speaks, I just imagine him speaking in Gollum’s voice: “Folks are scared into thinking Gollum is going to take away our Second Amendment rights. Nobody is doing that. Certainly not us … gollum.”

The end game of all gun control is to get rid of all laws that allow the legal ownership of guns, and that means ultimately the Second Amendment.

Proponents of gun control want people to put their lives and trust entirely in the hands of government. Government, of course, is better known for mopping up the blood than preventing its spilling in the first place. But if the goal of gun control isn’t to protect people, then there’s only one possibility.

It’s about power over you, the individual.

That’s what is meant by the old saying that whoever gives up their freedom for safety deserves neither freedom nor safety.

The government wants to own you. Slavery is what gun controllers are really selling.

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