Obama Says His Biggest Mistake Not ‘Telling Story’ of his Presidency Better

In an interview with CBS’s Charlie Rose due to air today, King Obama says the biggest mistake of his presidency — the biggest, mind you — has been not telling a better “story” to the country.

I don’t know, I think the one about being born in Hawaii is pretty good. …

And the current whopper from Obama’s campaign about Mitt Romney running Bain Capital two years after he left to run the Olympics is very humorous, too. Especially the part where deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter calls Romney the most secretive presidential candidate since Richard Nixon.

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But Obama doesn’t mean either of those stories. He actually means the “story” of how wonderfully he has been looking out for us, for our jobs, our homes, our liberty, our national defense, our foreign policy, our budgets, our Constitution.

It’s hard to decide what’s funnier, that Obama’s serious or that he actually sought to give his campaign a boost by appearing on Charlie Rose’s show. (Don’t feel bad if you have to Google his name — he’s on CBS, after all.)

So here’s what I’m getting from this. After four years of running the economy into the ground and then pounding it flat with Obamacare, throwing open our borders, covering for Eric Holder in the arming of Central American drug cartels, essentially declaring himself king by completely ignoring the Constitution, ticking off our enemies and our allies alike, dividing the country along racial and class lines, uprooting our society’s heritage and stability by supporting gay “marriage,” and doing his level best to see that America is doomed to a future of socialist poverty and misery, the best insight the president can come up with in his most reflective moments about why his administration hasn’t been successful is that he hasn’t told his “story” right.

Yeah … cuz ya know, if it only had a dwarf and some flying monkeys in it, everybody would have loved the socialistic not-a-Muslim so-and-so’s “story.”

There are limits to intelligence, but stupidity knows no bounds.

Actually, this is a pattern among liberals. Whenever they fail, it’s never that their ideas are lame or their people incompetent. It’s always that they didn’t get their “message” out clearly enough, didn’t tell their “story” the right way.

They really think they’re addressing a nation full of children who will follow them off the end of the pier if they just repackage their presentation one more time, perhaps with a pretty bow or pictures.

It’s the very definition of insanity, doing the same things over and over, yet expecting a different result.

It’s what compels liberals to keep pushing socialism in all its forms even though it has never worked for the betterment of mankind anywhere in the world.

Michelle Obama will be interviewed about her “story” as well. Maybe she’ll bring slides from her vacations.


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