Obama Says It’s About What Kind of Country We Leave to Our Children

In response to the Republican Iowa Caucus that just took place, President Obama spoke to some of his supporters and told them:

“Part of what 2012 is about is both reminding the American people of how far we’ve traveled and the concrete effects that some of our work … but part of it is also framing this larger debate about what kind of country are we going to leave for our children and our grandchildren.”

Mr. President, I have been looking at how far we’ve traveled in the three years you’ve been illegally occupying the Oval Office.  The direction you’ve taken this country to is one of ruination and destruction.  I can’t help but see your socialistic policies as being purposefully designed to bring this country to the brink of complete financial disaster and collapse.

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And there can only be two reasons you would intentionally destroy America and its greatness.

One possible reason is that you intend to drive the nation to such a state of despair and desperation that it would allow you to take the drastic measures of instituting martial law and assuming dictatorial control.  With all of the gays you have allowed into the military, I’m sure you would have their complete support.

The second possible reason is that you truly are a Kenyan Muslim and like many Muslims worldwide, you want to bring the infidel nation of American crashing down upon itself.  If you succeeded, you would be hailed as one of the greatest Muslims in all of history.  The way you have so openly courted and wooed Muslims worldwide while at the same time snubbing your nose at Christians and Jews, only adds credence to this possibility.

Or perhaps the plan is both of these scenarios combined?

So what kind of a country are you planning on leaving to our children and grandchildren?  To be honest, I wouldn’t want my children or grandchildren to live in the nation you are striving towards.  I don’t want them to see America become a dictatorial or Muslim nation, either of which would persecute Christians.

With the direction you are sending this nation, I believe that my children and grandchildren will have a life similar to the Hebrews in captivity in Egypt under pharaohs’ rule.  They’ll become slaves to the tyranny of your Marxist and/or Muslim government.  They will feel the sting of whips on their backs as they’re made to toil in the most degrading of jobs so that your elite society won’t have to dirty themselves doing.

Mr. President, I’m sixty years old and welcome the day I go to meet my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If you get re-elected, I am certain that day will be sooner than expected.  However, my children and grandchildren shouldn’t have to face the same possibility so soon in their lives.  But the society you are driving towards may require them to face that possibility as they make a stand for their faith in Christ.

I can only pray that God will have some mercy on the faithful still in the land and spare us four more years of your tyranny and destruction.  I will also pray for your soul and that God will open your eyes and ears to see and hear just what you’re doing to our once Christian nation.

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