Obama Says No to GOP Compromised Plan to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

When Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech for winning the Nov. 6 election, he promised to work with both political parties and to entertain all proposals for avoiding the fiscal cliff.  He promised he would work on a compromised plan that would be agreeable to both parties.


The House Republicans offered up a compromised plan which would cut tax deductions for things like mortgage interest and charitable donations.  By cutting these deductions, they say it would offset keeping the current tax cuts on everyone including the wealthy.

In typical Democratic hypocrisy, the White House openly rejected the GOP plan, and reiterated that Obama is not open to pie-in-in-the-sky proposals.  At the same time, Obama and his staff assured progressive liberals that he will continue to insist on increasing taxes on the wealthy.

In other words, the compromise Obama promised the nation must be from the Republicans and not the Democrats.

I’ve seen many forms of the game of chicken.  I’ve seen it involve knives thrown at each other’s feet, to shooting the ground between each other’s feet to driving head on towards each at a high rate of speed.  But this just may be the costliest game of chicken yet.  The economic future of a nation and millions of people is at stake, and I’m not sure if either side is willing to take that sideways step to avoid the head-on crash and subsequent disaster.  But unlike a real game of head-on chicken, the two parties that refuse to step aside may be the only ones that aren’t severely injured when neither side swerves and crash head on.

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