Obama Says Tea Party Wasn’t Targeted by IRS … but It Was All Congress’ Fault That They Were

Program! Git yer official Obama Administration program here! Can’t tell one lie from another without yer program!

That Emperor Obama lies regularly should just be considered established fact at this point.

That he has told enough lies that he has trouble keeping them straight or at least expects his audience to be unable to do so — as when he said in the 2012 presidential debate that he referred to Benghazi as terrorism a week after it happened — is also well established.

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But it’s a sign of either his deteriorating mental state or his growing chutzpah that he now glibly contradicts himself within a five-minute interview.

Obama did an interview with comedian Jon Stewart — the Left’s most trusted news source — and defended the IRS, saying that the Tea Party (and by extension other conservative groups) were never targeted by the IRS.

That the emperor would deny being naked is not unexpected, but in this case, the IRS internal auditor even concluded that the agency targeted conservatives in an election year, and the Justice Department is still at least pretending to investigate.

So with one side of his mouth, Obama said nothing happened.

The other side of his mouth, however, just moments later said that what happened was Congress’ fault for cutting IRS funding.

“(The) real scandal around the IRS is that they have been so poorly funded that they cannot go after these folks who are deliberately avoiding tax payments,” Obama said.

In the real world, those cuts happened after the targeting. As one might expect, the IRS had plenty of funding to spend on delaying and investigating conservative groups, plying them with paperwork and intrusive questions about things like the content of group members’ prayers. Only afterward did they feel the sting of budget cuts to their dedicated harassers and theater department.

So to sum up, according to Janus-Obama: The IRS never targeted conservative groups; it’s all Congress’ fault the IRS targeted conservatives; the IRS targeted conservatives after its budget was cut after the world found out the IRS was targeting conservatives.

It’s almost like watching an episode of “Star Trek” in which parallel universes start collapsing in on each other and there are half a dozen versions of the Enterprise staring at each other across outer space.

One of these days, Obama should try spinning his web of fantasies in front of a congressional hearing.



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