Obama Seeks Worldwide War on ISIS

Puzzle this out: President Obama is expected today to seek authorization from Congress (now there’s a first) to expand the “war” on ISIS beyond the borders of Iraq and Syria.

But two congressional aides told Bloomberg reporter Josh Rogin that Obama’s authorization for the use of military force also places severe restrictions on the types of ground forces that may be used.

The restrictions would limit the roles U.S. ground troops can play to jobs such as advisers, combat search and rescue, and special ops. The proposal includes an exclusion for the 3,000 troops already in Iraq.

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So in summary, Obama wants to be able to start an air war anywhere in the world with the excuse of fighting ISIS, but he won’t commit the troops needed to actually defeat the Islamic State and take back territory. Notably, the 3,000 troops already in Iraq could serve as vastly outnumbered sitting ducks or fodder for a suicide mission.

The proposed authorization would give Obama tremendous leeway to wage war without interference from Congress (that’s more like it), and would likely hinder the next president from changing strategies against ISIS until at least 2018.

Given the history of Obama’s meddling in the Middle East (see Egypt, Libya, Arab Spring) and the way he likes to direct wars from the back seat (aka “logistical support”), all manner of future mischief can be imagined.

It can also be assumed that Obama’s real target is not ISIS, because the so-called air campaign, despite the Administration’s claims, has been feeble and largely undirected.

So what’s the real game plan?

My money’s on Syria. Obama has been mad to take over that country for years, despite or possibly because of the possibility of angering his nemesis/man crush Vladimir Putin.

But there could be other objectives, too.

Consider the possibilities. If Obama gets permission to strike ISIS anywhere he finds it, think about the places ISIS has been popping up lately and civilized people have been opposing them.

Je suis Charlie, anyone?

(Whoops, so sorry we accidentally took out a bunch of Legionnaires. …)

That’s wild speculation. Absolute crazy talk.

But then, who ever thought a Nobel Peace Prize-winning Muslim sympathizer would be directing a military campaign against a bunch of Islamofascists from the White House?

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