Obama Sets New Record for Lowest Approval Ratings in History

I don’t understand how stupid or blind Democrats can be.

In the three years in office, Obama has done more damage to the American government and economy than any president in history.  The US debt has increased more under Obama’s reign than under all presidents preceding him.  Except for the Great Depression, unemployment has been at near record levels for the past couple of years.  More Americans have lost their homes due to foreclosure than any other time in history.

According to the latest Gallup poll, Obama’s approval ratings at this stage of his presidency have sunk lower than any other president in modern history at the same stage in their presidencies.  With a year before the next election, Obama’s approval ratings have sunk to 43% compared to 44% for Johnson, 50% for Nixon, 51% for Carter and Clinton, 52% for GHW Bush, 54% for Truman and Reagan, 55% for GW Bush and 78% for Eisenhower.

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When you average out Obama’s approval ratings over the past 3 years, it’s a dismal 49%.  Only three other presidents, Truman, Ford and Carter, have had a lower 3 year approval rating than what Obama has achieved.  Of those 3, only Truman managed to win re-election.

Obama’s performance or lack thereof has been so poor, that other politicians have begun asking what he’s really accomplished.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was one of those questioning Obama’s performance when he said,

“I was angry this weekend, listening to the spin coming out of the administration, about the failure of the supercommittee, and that the president knew it was doomed for failure, so he didn’t get involved. Well, then what the hell are we paying you for?  ‘It’s doomed for failure, so I’m not getting involved’? Well, what have you been doing, exactly?”

So why may I ask is no other Democrat willing to challenge him for the Democratic Party nomination?  Why do they appear to be clinging to a sinking ship?  Are they willing to go down with the ship or will there be one of two of them that will be brave enough to try to take control and steer the ship out of certain danger?

For the sake of the nation, I would like to see them all go down with Obama’s sinking ship and make way for a whole new ship, ship’s captain and crew that can steer the nation back to safe waters.

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