Obama Should Follow Example of IRS Chief and Resign

I saw something on the news last week that has been mulling around in my mind ever since.

Former IRS Chief Steven Miller had asserted that he didn’t know about the allegations of IRS employees targeting conservatives.  One of the members of the congressional panel asked him why he was resigning since he was unaware of what had happened.  Miller responded that as head of the IRS he was ultimately responsible for everything that took place under his command.

His statement reminded me of President Harry Truman’s famous statement that the buck stopped here, referring to himself.

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Thinking about Miller’s response, it convinces me more now than ever before that Barack Hussein Obama should likewise resign as the buck stops with him.

If Obama is as clueless as he claims to be, saying that he knew nothing of any of these scandals until they were made public, then he is confessing the fact that he is completely inept and derelict of his duties as President of the United States.  By his own admission, he didn’t know what was happening in Benghazi, in the IRS, in the EPA or in the Justice Department.  If this is the case, then he should resign immediately.

If he did know about what was happening in these departments of government, as is his duty, then he is guilty of allowing them to happen.  His knowledge of these incidents without stopping them is equivalent to giving his permission for them to take place, making him as guilty as everyone of the federal employees being ferreted out in the various scandals.  In which case, he needs to resign immediately.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if Obama knew, gave permission or was totally clueless.  He should resign because all of these things happened on his watch and command.  Like the captain of a ship or the CEO of any company, the buck stops with him.

Mr. President, for once in your life, stand up like a man, admit your faults and resign from the presidency effective immediately.  You are either too inept or too guilty to be President of the United States.

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