Obama Slams Netanyahu and the World Hears

For the past three years, President Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he values building relationships with his Muslim buddies in the Middle East while at the same time distancing long-time ally Israel.

Obama continually promised Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US would veto any attempt by the United Nations to recognize Palestine.  However when it came time to vote on the UNESCO bid for recognition, the US did not veto the measure nor did they do anything to stop the official recognition of Palestine.

This week at the G20 Summit in Cannes, France, President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy moved into a private room to discuss Summit matters.  However, both leaders forgot to turn off their microphones and what intended to be a private discussion was soon heard around the world.

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Early on in the conversation, Obama expressed his concern that Sarkozy had not informed him in advance that France would vote for the UNESCO recognition of Palestine.  Then came the comments from both men that are still reverberating across the seas.  Speaking about Netanyahu, Sarkozy told Obama,

“I cannot stand him. He is a liar,”

Responding to Sarkozy’s statement, Obama replied,

“You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

Now there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about where Obama stands in regards to Netanyahu and Israel.  In most instances, actions speak louder than words, but in this case, the words only verify the actions to date.

At first you would expect a media stampede to spread the revelations, but that was not the case.  It seems the French government had all of the media journalists sign an agreement forbidding them from publishing anything concerning the enlightening statements.  The media gag order must have sent some journalists into apoplexy resulting in bitten tongues and cramping fingers just waiting to tell the world of the juicy gossip.

Since the faux pas have surfaced, neither egg-faced man has issued any kind of statement or apology.  Likewise, Netanyahu has remained silent, which is probably the best thing to do at the moment and wait to see how Obama and Sarkozy try to weasel out of what they said.

In Obama’s case, we may have heard the works straight from the horse’s mouth, but the look and breath seem more like the other end of the horse, if you catch my drift.

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