Obama has Been Slapping the Face of the American People for six Years

We who pride ourselves on being “in the know” have heard that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be coming to America. We’ve also heard that Obama and his minions, both in the administration and the media, take this as a personal affront to both Obama and the entire Executive Branch of the government.

We know the reason isn’t the “check with me first” or the “too close to Israel’s election” excuses they are giving to Congress. It’s the fact that Obama, Kerry and the rest of the leftists hate Netanyahu.

If this were some socialist, communist, or even the Grand Salami of Iran (or whatever his name is), it would probably be cool with the Bamster.

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But this isn’t about Israel or Iran — it’s about the Constitution and the roles of the two branches of government — the Executive and the Legislative.

The Huffington Post reported over the weekend that “The issue of a foreign head of state addressing a joint meeting of Congress is not in itself a huge deal. This would be the 115th time it occurred and would be Netanyahu’s third appearance before the body. What is a big deal, however, is that Prime Minister Netanyahu actively sought, and speaker Boehner extended, the invitation entirely behind the administration’s back…”

Did you catch the punch line — or maybe it’s the laugh out loud money quote? If you missed it, it was “Speaker Boehner extended the invitation entirely behind the administration’s back.”

Have we heard a peep, one single word or even a syllable regarding Obama’s usurpation of Congress’s authority from the entire left-wing media at any time? Of course not!

But then again Obama is so brazenly lawless, he doesn’t need or even wish to go behind Congress’s back when he decides to change the Obamacare law dozens of times on his own, with no thought of consulting Congress.

You know … Congress … the only national governing body what is constitutionally charged with writing and passing laws. Yeah, those guys.

Obama doesn’t give a whit about checking with Congress before deciding not to enforce laws he doesn’t find palatable.

He does not about the Legislative Branch as he writes his own immigration laws.

He fancies himself as a benevolent dictator. And to the media dimwits that carry his water, you don’t do things that Caesar doesn’t first approve.

Not even British monarchs, at the height of the Empire, had the kind of power he evidently thinks he has. Not even a king could disregard a parliamentary order.

I heard one media pundit describe the Netanyahu incident as “a slap in the face” to the administration. Well, it’s hard to slap someone’s face when going behind his back. It’s much easier to do, as Obama does, standing right in front of him.

So whether Boehner is right or wrong by inviting the Prime Minister of Israel to speak, I find it laughable that the media and the administration can pitch such a fit over this incident, but apparently not see the irony of what Obama has been doing for years as a slap in the face of the American people and the Constitution he took an oath to uphold.

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