Obama Steals Away $244 Million in Tax Dollars from Bankrupt Illinois for His ‘Private’ Museum

Barack Obama sold his fake presidential library as a “private” project that would not require any state tax money. But now it appears that his facility has gotten $244 million in tax dollars already. And who knows how much more will be thrown at his fake library in the near future?

First of all, Obama’s presidential library is not a “library.” Unlike other presidential libraries where the president’s papers, books, and records are stored in the facility bearing his name, the “Obama Center” will not have any of Obama’s papers. None.

So, Obama’s “center” was a bait and switch on that level from the beginning. Instead of housing his papers and serving as a place for scholars to study his presidency, the “Obama Center” will be an overgrown “community center” and gift shop.

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But from the beginning he said it would never require a cent in federal or state tax dollars.

He lied.

As Thomas Lifson reports:

Unfortunately, the notion that taxpayers would be unmolested is fake news. Start with the acres of city-owned park land on the shore of Lake Michigan that Chicago handed over as a gift, in apparent violation of law. The group Protect Our Parks has sued to prevent the giveaway, and cites this Illinois State Law. (They have also cited my writings, which gratifies me no end.)

But the taxpayer-owned parkland is but one aspect of the rape of the taxpayers. The new Illinois state budget artfully obscures the estimated $244 million dollars that Land of Lincoln taxpayers will be giving to make the project happen.

Lifson points to a report by the Illinois Policy Institute which reported:

Projects relevant to the forthcoming Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park will cost taxpayers $224 million, according to the Washington Examiner.

This includes $174 million for roadwork in and around Jackson Park and $50 million for renovations to the Garfield Green Line station, two miles from the presidential center. Illinois taxpayers will be on the hook for $199 million of the total cost, with $25 million of the Garfield station renovations funded through a federal grant, according to the Washington Examiner.

Unfortunately, Illinois taxpayers would have no way of knowing this money was flowing to the presidential project from looking at the state’s 1,245-page budget, which makes no mention of the Obama Presidential Center. That spending is hidden, but has been confirmed by political figures such as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Naturally, the budgeting and negotiations took place behind closed doors and was not open for the people of Illinois to see or approve.

So, once again we see how Obama lies and that Illinois is thoroughly corrupt.

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