Obama Stimulus Plans and the World Trade Center

Ten years ago this month, all of America was glued to the images of the World Trade Center towers in New York City.  Over and over we saw the different camera angles of the second jet as it made its final corrective turn seconds before impacting the second tower.  Then we watched as one tower and then the other collapsed to the ground.  The magnitudes of the collapses were registered by seismometers as far away as Maine.

America had been attacked.  Nearly 3,000 had been killed in a matter of minutes.  Many more were injured.  America was at war and our lives would never be the same.

Ten years later, we are once again under attack.  Only this time the attack is coming from within our own country.  Like the attacks ten years ago, the new attacks are causing the collapse of businesses, industries, homes and families.  The economic consequences of the newest round of attacks are proving to be far more devastating than those from ten years ago.

Instead of using airplanes, the attacks are being carried out by using stimulus packages.  As each of Obama’s stimulus packages have hit the American people, the impacts have been felt further than Maine; they’ve been felt around the world.

And like ten years ago when America was watching the smoke billowing out of the first tower and then watched with horror as the second plane flew into the other tower, we are watching in horror as another Obama stimulus plan is swinging around and taking aim at America’s tower of economic power.  The tower hit by the first stimulus is still swaying and trembling and threatening to collapse.  And most assuredly if this next stimulus hits our economic towers, it probably won’t by much longer until our economy and way of life come collapsing down around us and our lives will never be the same.

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