Barack Obama Supporter Jailed for Threatening Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done what no other law enforcement officer or politician has had the guts to do.  He actually investigated Barack Obama’s birth certificate and found it to be a forgery.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is used to receiving death threats as he has received them from Mexican drug cartels.  Collectively they have placed a bounty on Sheriff Arpaio’s head of nearly $4 million.  But he has vowed not to be intimidated from doing his job.

So it was no real surprise that from the time he announced the investigation of the Cold Case Posse into Barack Obama’s birth certificate, he has been the target of threats from a number of faithful Obama supporters as well as threats from the federal government.

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Sheriff Joe’s department takes all threats seriously and each one is investigated by a group of detectives under the Deputy Chief David Trombi.  And there was one threat in particular that was posted online got their attention.

The posting read,

“I plan to kill Arpaio first. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this. He won’t f**k with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him.”

The sheriff detectives started with search warrants being served at Google headquarters in California which allowed them to find the source of the web posting.  That information took them to Knoxville, Tennessee where they worked in conjunction with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department and the home of Adam Eugene Cox.

Those who know Eugene Cox described him as being a Barack Obama fanatic.  His mother told authorities that Arpaio’s investigation into Obama’s birth certificate is most likely what triggered his online rampage.  With a history of assault, Cox was arrested in January.  Upon his arrest, Sheriff Joe said,

“I will not be intimated against pursuing this investigation into Obama’s eligibility to serve as the president of the United States.”

Unlike the man he worships, Cox freely admitted to posting the threats against Sheriff Joe and pleaded guilty to harassment charges.  As part of his plea agreement, Cox has been ordered to pay all court costs and to serve a year in a probation program that is designed like bootcamp.

In the midst of all of the threats Arpaio receives from citizens, drug cartels and the federal government, a number of Americans have been sending him supportive messages.  Famed millionaire and businessman Donald Trump even sent card to Arpaio saying,

“Joe, Great going – You are the only one with the ‘guts’ to do this – Keep up the good fight – Donald Trump.”

With all of the threats and negative publicity from the liberal pro-Obama media, I know that Arpaio would love to receive the encouragement and know that there are millions of Americans that fully support him and his bravery to do what no one else would do.

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