Obama Supporter May Be More Responsible for Bain Layoffs At Ampad Than Romney

President Barack Obama and his campaign have decided to make Mitt Romney’s leadership at Bain Capital a campaign issue.  They are painting Romney as a job killer by focusing on American Pad & Paper (Ampad).  The ad says that Mitt Romney is personally to blame for the closing of the Ampad plant in Marion, Indiana resulting in 250 people losing their jobs.

But when you look closer, it appears that a close friend and campaign contributor of Barack Obama may have been more responsible for the Ampad closing and job loss than Romney.

Jonathan Lavine was an executive at Bain Captial from 1993 to 1999.  While at Bain, Lavine sat on the board of Ampad along with 2 other Bain executives.  According to the person that replaced Lavine, he had a more profound impact in the events that led to the closure of Ampad and the layoffs.

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Lavine is now co-owner of the NBA Boston Celtics.  He has also helped raise over $200,000 for the Obama campaign.

Ben Labolt, a campaign spokesman for the Obama campaign denies the accusation of Lavine’s involvement with Ampad and has laid the full blame on Romney as Bain’s CEO.  Labolt points out that Lavine was no longer with Bain when the decision was made to close the paper plant.

A spokesperson for Bain Capital has also released a statement exonerating Lavine from any involvement with Ampad, but Lavine’s replacement said that he had set things in motion that directly led to the closure after his departure.  He may not have been with Bain at the time the jobs were lost, but Lavine is being implicated in directing the events that led to the final conclusion.

Even if Romney was involved with what happened at Ampad, let’s look at Obama’s jobs record.  How many green jobs have been lost due to Obama?  He promised to create 5 million green jobs, but all we hear about is how companies like Solyndra have had to either close their doors or lay off hundreds of workers.  Under Obama’s orders, thousands of military positions have been lost because of the drastic cut to the Pentagon budget.  Obama has also cut the Border Patrol agents that have the duty to protect the US border from illegal entry.

If Obama really wants to start throwing stones over records, he better be prepared for a rocky avalanche that should soon be coming his way.

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