Obama Supporters: If They Only Had a Brain

The more interviews with Obama supporters that I see and read about, the more I realize that many of them are completely clueless about life in general.  They remind me of a flock of sheep that know nothing except to follow the shepherd regardless of his intentions.  If the shepherd led them to a cliff, many of them would go over the edge because they didn’t know any better and that pretty much describes what Obama is doing in leading his sheep.

If you recall there was the black woman who said she was voting for Obama because he gave her a free cell phone.  She didn’t seem to care about anything else in the world or what was happening; all she knew is that Obama gave her a free cell phone.

Then there were the street interviews with Obama supporters aired on Howard Stern’s program.  These people agreed that Obama was pro-life and his running mate was Paul Ryan.  They also agreed that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were black and supported abortion.  They were absolutely clueless about all of the candidates including Obama.

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The interviews played by Stern are not the only ones.  RevealingPolitics.com also conducted an interview on the campus of Ohio University in that all important swing state.  The main question they asked was about the attack and murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  Many of the Obama supporters’ questioned didn’t know who Christopher Stevens was.  They also didn’t know who, what or where Benghazi was.  These brilliant college students seemed to know only one thing and that is they were for Obama.

And lastly we have an interview with Cinnamon Jana Berry at an Obama rally held at George Mason University in Virginia.  Besides noticing her pink hair right off the bat, you also notice that she is an Obama groupie as she proudly boasts how many times she’s seen him in person and in his car.  But when the MRCTV reporter asked Cinnamon about Mitt Romney, she said she didn’t like him because he was a socialist, a communist and would increase our debt with China by working with them.  The expression on the face of the reporter at the end of the video clip kind of tells it all.

Obviously this lady has no clue what Obama or Romney are about.  We all know that Obama is the socialist who is bent on destroying free America and Romney wants to prevent that.  Somewhere, someone told this lady that the opposite was true and of course she believes that Obama is her hero and can do no wrong.

As I watch and read all of these interviews, I can’t help but recall the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  His famous line ‘If I only had a brain’ fits so well with so many of these Obama supporters.  If they only had or should I say, used their brains, it wouldn’t take much for them to realize that Obama is destroying the America that they claim to love.

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