Obama Supporters Trust a Lesbian and Two Stand-Up Comedians for Truthful News

I watch a number of different news programs as they all seem to have a different vent on the same story and issues.  However one thing is perfectly clear, most of the main stream news networks and reporters are very liberal and bias their news to favor Obama and Democrats.  Fox News seems to be the only major network that begins to report from a conservative side and often favors Republicans, but not always.

Interestingly, MRC TV showed up at an Obama rally held at George Mason University in Virginia and asked the Obama supporters standing in line who they go to to get their news.  The top three news people cited were Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.  A number of them stated that they do NOT turn to Fox News.

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The main reasons these Obama supporters listed these three individuals is because they believe they are honest and tell all of the facts.  They believe that a flaming lesbian gay rights activist and two stand-up comedians are trustworthy, honest and tell the whole story.


Rachel Maddow is a liberal who has no difficulty expressing and pushing her liberal views on her MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show.  From the few times I’ve seen her or read what she’s written, she rarely covers both sides of a story with any degree of fairness.  When the topic comes to same-sex marriage and gay rights, Maddow and her partner Susan Mikula are quite adamant in championing one side and denigrating anyone who stands for the biblical value of sex, marriage and family.

Jon Stewart is a comedian who hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central cable channel which is billed as a comical and satirical look at the daily news. He is known for his caustic style of comedy as he freely ridicules everything and everyone for the sake of a laugh.  Often, his comments represent a gutter mentality that is often sacrilegious and blasphemous.

Bill Maher is one of the most despicable people I know.  When I worked for Answers in Genesis, he tried several times to obtain permission to come interview Ken Ham and staff, and was turned down because of his blatant anti-creation and anti-Christian views.  One day, a news crew under the guise of a different name were allowed to come to AiG to interview Ken Ham.  The news crew was led to Ken’s office and were told that they could bring their equipment in through the back door next to his office.  When Ken arrived at his office, there sat Bill Maher in Ken’s chair, looking through papers on Ken’s desk.  Maher instantly threw a microphone in Ken’s face and started asking him questions.  It turns out the film crew had opened the back door to allow Maher, who had been hiding in their van, access to the building.

Trusting those three would be like trusting Joe Biden to tell the truth or accepting everything Al Gore says about global warming and the environment (don’t forget he claimed to have invented the internet).

I’ve never heard Maddow, Stewart or Maher ever say a kind or supportive word for anyone who was a conservative Christian.  So when I heard the Obama supporters in the interview say that they relied on these three for fair and accurate reporting, that only confirmed my views that most Obama supporters have never heard the truth and probably wouldn’t believe it if they did hear it.  That also explains why they have no clue how Obama’s policies are driving the nation to financial collapse.

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