Did Obama Swap for Bergdahl because He became Warrior of Islam?

Millions of Americans have been asking what motivated President Barack Obama to violate federal law and swap five high ranking murderous Taliban terrorists for an Army deserter?

The families of the servicemen that died trying to find Bergdahl when he disappeared are asking why trade for a deserter. The father of a POW that was held and then executed by the Taliban is asking why trade for a deserter.

If the reports are correct, the reason Obama traded for Bergdahl is that the Army sergeant converted to Islam and became a mujahid or warrior of Islam.

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Newsmax obtained secret documents that tracked Bergdahl’s five years with the Taliban. They say that at first Bergdahl was held in a cage, but in time, he became friends with his Taliban captors. The documents report that Bergdahl was observed laughing and playing soccer with his captors and in time took part in target practice and was allowed to carry a gun in their presence. Bergdahl would frequently greet his captors with ‘salaam’ which is Arabic for ‘peace.’

Some experts told Newsmax that Bergdahl may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome where he could have sympathized with his captors after prolonged captivity. However, I look at many of the POWs from the Vietnam War and disagree. Yes some were forced to read statements that they were against the American involvement in the war, but they never sympathized with their Vietcong captors. Others are saying that he may have been faking allegiance as a matter of survival.

But these still don’t explain why Bergdahl removed his flak jacket and left his post unarmed.

The documents state that Bergdahl tried to escape five times and was caught each time. Some say this proves that Bergdahl had not converted to Islam or joined their jihadist cause, but if he was such a flight risk, why did the Taliban allow him to carry a loaded weapon and freely walk around and play soccer?

It sounds to me that certain high ranking members of the military are trying to whitewash the truth about Bowe Bergdahl in order to take some of the heat off of Obama for his illegal swap. It’s not out of the question for Obama’s loyal minions to hide documents, alter documents, provide false documents and lie under oath to protect their fearless king.

The more I hear and read about Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, I believe him to be a deserted who most likely converted to Islam and it is because of that conversion that Obama did what he did to swap for his release. Think about it! Obama has continually sided with Muslim extremists over American troops time and again. By carrying out this swap, he gains the freedom of 6 Muslims – the 5 from Gitmo and Bergdahl.

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