Obama Takes His Homosexual Agenda to Africa

Obama is off to Africa once again to visit his homeland — the place of his birth (just kidding). I’m sure he will be speechifying on a variety of useless topics like how destitute nations of Africa must combat global warming. I’m sure that is high on the list of priorities for war-torn countries ravaged by terrorism and can’t, in some cases, even feed their own people.

Another hot topic of which Obama, a recent convert, will preach about is the radical homosexual agenda. But unlike the conflict averse Americans and weenie progressive Europeans, the nations of Africa are likely to tell Obama to shove it.

On the whole, blacks most everywhere are against same-sex marriage. In America, where even in ultra-liberal California, blacks, who voted for Obama almost exclusively in 2008, did not support same-sex marriage. Eight out of 10 blacks supported the now famous Proposition 8. No ethnic group rejected sanctioning same-sex marriage as strongly as did blacks.

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California resident Jasmine Jones said: “I think it’s mainly because of the way we were brought up in the church; we don’t agree with it. I’m not really the type that I wanted to stop people’s rights. But I still have my beliefs, and if I can vote my beliefs that’s what I’m going to do.”

And the African nations take an even tougher stance. “The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, comprised of 700 pastors, welcomes Obama to visit their nation this summer — provided he stops pressuring Kenyans to forsake their religious convictions by endorsing the homosexual lifestyle.”

Bishop Mark Kariuki, leader of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya said: “We would like to send a strong message to U.S. President that the homosexuality debate should not become part of his agenda, as it has been his tendency whenever he comes to Africa.”

But why would anyone think Obama should have any more respect for African Christians than he does American. If he can bully them like he does us, he most certainly will.

The Archbishop of Nairobi, Cardinal John Njue, nailed Obama stating, “Those people who have already ruined their society… let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go. I think we need to act according to our own traditions and our faiths.”

But none of these sentiments nor any strongly worded language will deter our bully in chief, for unlike our Congress, he’s not afraid to wield the power of the purse.

“In 2011, Western nations denied Malawi nearly $350 million, because the nation banned homosexual activity.” We give money to many African countries and Obama will not be shy about blackmailing these nations to get on board the LGBT Love Train.

He will more than likely not publicly state it, but in private, you can bet those backward Africans will be taken to the woodshed.

But really, why shouldn’t he hold out funding until they come around? After all, they aren’t Muslim leaders or anything. For the Muslims, such as Iran, persecutors and executors of homosexuals, he is more than willing to free up $150 billion. And who believes he’ll use his astonishing power of persuasion on our friends the Saudi’s?

The subject will never come up — ever!

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