Obama All Talk No Action Doll

Every once in a while, I see a political cartoon that hits the spot and inspires me to write about the topic. A.F. Branco is a partner of Liberty Alliance LLC and I received his cartoon Obama All Talk and indeed it has inspired today’s article.


It got me thinking back to a number of scandals, not just those mentioned in his editorial. To start with, how about the little known and soon forgotten voter intimidation scandal of 2008? Two members of the New Black Panthers were caught on video intimidating voters to vote for Obama at a Philadelphia voting location. They carried large sticks or clubs and went to the people standing in line, telling them to vote for Obama. They were arrested and charged with felony counts of voter intimidation.

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However, newly appointed US Attorney General Eric Holder followed his leader’s ordered and had the Justice Department drop all charges and set the two men free without any explanation. The way the DOJ handled the case was so upsetting to one of their attorneys that he resigned his position with the DOJ.

Obama talked and no action was taken against the guilty parties. Would it help to mention that in 2007 Obama marched with the very same New Black Panthers in Selma, Alabama?

Then we had Operation Fast and Furious in which the Obama Administration had given their approval to an ATF operation to run guns across the border to Mexico’s drug cartels. Supposedly the goal was to trace the guns and arrest the leaders and members of the drug cartels.

Once news of the operation hit the news and how those guns were used to murder US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexican civilians, the White House and DOJ all claimed ignorance of the entire operation. When Obama talked, he lied and denied all knowledge, but promised he would get to the bottom of it. Then Obama sat back and did nothing about the botched gun running operation. Instead, innocent law-abiding gun dealers that were duped by the ATF were arrested on trumped up charges, jailed and had all of their business, house, bank accounts and worldly possessions confiscated by the ATF.

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated the Hatch Act as she publicly endorsed political candidates while acting in the capacity of her office. A special counsel investigated and found that she was indeed guilty. Normally, violation of the Hatch Act results in the immediate termination of the guilty party, but when Obama talked, he praised Sebelius for her job in defending Obamacare and did nothing to punish her for her crime.

Later on, Sebelius violated the law when she solicited donations from companies that were subject to regulation by her department. Supposedly, the money she raised was to be used to help sign people up for Obamacare. Again, Obama continued to praise her efforts and did nothing about her crime.

On at least two different occasions, US Attorney General Eric Holder committed perjury before Congress. On one occasion, he claimed he had nothing to do with the potential prosecution of a journalist, James Rosen, when in fact, Holder had personally signed the affidavit against the journalist. When Obama spoke, he just praised Holder for all of his efforts in defending Obama’s own personal and illegal agenda and did nothing to his lying side-kick.

The second time Holder committed perjury before Congress, he told them he had absolutely no knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious when evidence has shown otherwise. When Obama spoke, he defended Holder and used his executive privilege to seal thousands of pages of documents requested by the congressional committee.

Let’s see, what about Rosengate where the DOJ illegally monitored the phone calls and emails of Fox News reporter James Rosen. All Rosen did was report about information that he had obtained, some of which was supposed to have been classified. Obama talked about national security and did nothing about the illegal spying of Rosen. Oh yeah, this the same case that Holder eventually committed perjury for as mentioned above.

There was also the scandal involving the DOJ targeting of a number of Associate Press reporters. Like they did with Rosen, they illegally mined through their emails and phone records looking for anything they could use against them to shut them up. Obama opened his mouth, spoke about national security and then did nothing about it.

Then we have the infamous IRS scandal. The Commissioner of the IRS made more visits to the White House than any other Cabinet member and then the IRS started intentionally targeting Tea Party groups, patriots, Christians and Republicans. They intentionally delayed applications for non-profit status for these groups when at the same time they expedited requests from liberal Democrats and Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama. Supporters of Romney were subjected to unusual and frequent audits.

When the scandal hit the news, Obama again lied and denied knowing anything about it and promised that he would get to the bottom of it. A few IRS people were let go and others, such as Lois Lerner were made to be the scapegoats. The targeting has not ended, but shifted direction. Now the IRS is targeting any non-profit group that says anything negative about King Obama. Yeah, Obama lied, denied and sat back and laughed at us.

Benghazi is another scandal where Obama stood before the American people and promised to get to the bottom of what really happened, knowing full well that he was appraised of what was happening as it was happening. Instead of taking action against the party responsible for denying security as Ambassador Stevens had requested on numerous occasions, he allowed Hillary Clinton to remain as Secretary of State.

Both Obama and Clinton lied to the families of the four fallen Americans and thought nothing of it. They both spoke loudly and then did nothing except deny responsibility and point fingers at everyone else.

Branco – your editorial cartoon about the Obama All Talk No Action Doll is right on. For the most part, Obama says a lot and does very little, when he does act, it’s usually against the interests of law and the American people. I also like the snobbish expression you put on the doll’s face as it accurately depicts how Obama and his wife look down on the American people. Kudos on a great piece!

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