Obama Targets Kids, Elderly in Hunt for Sequester Revenge

President Obama’s still on the warpath because Republican legislators wouldn’t go along with his plan to raise taxes mere months after an increase in the payroll tax and under the looming shadow of Obamacare with all its additional costs for businesses and individuals.

The latest group to be targeted by his budget ax is children in HeadStart, the federal preschool program.

Since studies have shown that HeadStart students are often behind in some areas by third grade, cutting back the program might not be such a loss. However, the real point of cutting HeadStart is so Obama can point at the kids and say “See? The GOP is depriving them.”

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The game is familiar and getting more than a little stale. Obama doesn’t get his way with legislation, he throws a tantrum, blames the GOP, tries to exact political vengeance, then blames the GOP again.

The fact remains that the sequester was Obama’s idea originally and he picks the targets. The sequester cuts add up to way less than 1 percent of the budget. They could have been spread across the board as a simple, minor cut to every agency and no one would have even noticed.

But remember the Administration’s motto, never waste a crisis.

Consequently, Obama continues to target the cuts to the places where they will be most noticed  and most strongly felt.

The president hopes that voters will come to blame Republicans for the cuts to airline service, HeadStart, Meals on Wheels, unemployment and whatever else he can whip up.

Obama used his weekend radio address to further his anti-conservative propaganda campaign:

“They may not feel the pain felt by kids kicked off Head Start, or the 750,000 Americans projected to lose their jobs because of these cuts, or the long-term unemployed who will be further hurt by them, but that pain is real.’

Real and unnecessary unless you’re a narcissistic opportunist who would rather punish the country with a sustained hissy fit than exercise your much-vaunted leadership skills by talking to the opposition and trying to persuade them to compromise.

Many of the people being targeted by Obama’s sequester cuts right now are the very people who voted him a second term. That goes beyond revenge and moves into the realm of karma.

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