Obama Tells Prince William Re-Writing Constitution Doable

I’ve never understood the American fascination for British royalty. Whenever any of the royal family visits the US, Americans react like we are still their subjects. The reaction of New Yorkers to the visit this week of Prince William and Duchess Kate reminded me of the way they reacted to the first time the Beatles visited the Big Apple in 1964. However it is great to see that the Royals got more crowd attention than Barack Obama does.

One of the many stops during William’s visit was a stop at the White House where he met with Barack Obama. I found a number of websites that cited a Fox News report claiming that Obama thoroughly questioned the heir to the British throne on how to establish a monarchy, but I was unable to find anything on the Fox News website.

The New Yorker was one of those citing the Fox News report, stating:

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“According to Fox, the President peppered his Oval Office guest with detailed questions about the mechanics of setting up a monarchy and was curious about the perks and powers that go along with it.”

“Obama’s guest advised him that establishing a monarchy would probably require rewriting or even replacing the Constitution, an option that Obama reportedly said would be ‘difficult, but doable.’”

“Introducing a note of caution, the guest urged the President to alter the Constitution so that it vested the monarch with genuine power, adding, ‘You don’t want to wind up being a figurehead who just goes around visiting foreign dignitaries and so forth.’”

“According to the Fox report, the President came away ‘intrigued’ by the meeting and said he would explore the idea further next week when Congress is on vacation.”

When Obama and his fellow Democrats were trying to get the Affordable Care Act passed in 2009, a number of key Democrats made statements that the Constitution is outdated and needs to be revised to make it say what they wanted it to say. The same Democrats also stated that they are the ones that will decide what rights and freedoms Americans will have. That sounds a lot like the foundation for a monarchy of some type, doesn’t it?

I’ve been advocating the possibility that Barack Obama wants to become the first monarch or dictator of America ever since he stole the White House in 2008. He has enacted a number of executive orders that would give him complete unquestioned control of many aspects of American life in the case there is a national emergency.

A number of Obama’s actions and policies have appeared to be geared to create a financial disaster that would allow him to declare a national emergency, martial law and enforce his executive orders which would effectively establish his monarchy or dictatorship. To be honest, I expected it to happen before now. Could he make it work in the next two years with the Republicans in control of Congress?

His executive orders are already in place to give him absolute control over all forms of communication, banking, commerce and the military. He’s been tailoring his top military leaders to those who say they would fire upon American citizens if given the order to do so. Once martial law has been declared, it would not surprise me to see Obama either disband Congress or have them arrested if they tried to go against him.

I’ve heard from a number of people that have told me this could never happen in America and I respond to them saying that many of the things we see happening in America today were thought to be impossible and would never happen here. Not only is it possible, but virtually everything Obama needs to make it happen are already in place.

As for re-writing the Constitution, that wouldn’t be necessary if he just assumed his throne and dictatorship. He already openly defies the Constitution now so just throwing it in the trash once he assumes control is just a trivial matter to the power hungry socialist.

I pray I’m wrong, but the way we as a nation have turned our back on God and how Scripture tells us that God gives a nation the leaders they deserve, it just might be part of God’s judgment to make it happen.

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