Obama to Attack Voter ID Laws?

Once Barack Obama assumed residency in the White House he began a campaign to allow more voter fraud. He used the Department of Justice to legally attack and challenge states that had or tried to pass voter ID laws. They claimed that voter ID laws discriminate against blacks, which is one of the worst and unsupported lies that Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder kept espousing.

In reality, their claim is very demeaning to blacks as it makes it sound as if blacks are incapable of obtaining voter ID cards while everyone else seems competent enough to do. If I were black I would be greatly offended by their racist insinuation.

Think about it for a moment. The blacks that Obama and Holder refer to have to get some form of ID in order to receive the government aid, welfare, disability, Medicaid, etc. that they receive. If they can get sufficient IDs for all of these things, then what makes them incapable of being able to obtain a voter ID?

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In 2013, the US Supreme Court struck down part of the Voting Rights Act that was passed fifty years ago. This opened the door for states to pass voter ID laws in their attempts to fight voter fraud and a number of states have done just that.

Yeah, there are those that still try to claim that the incidences of voter fraud are rare and inconsequential, but that is not accurate. Since Obama took office, the number of cases of voter fraud skyrocketed and if I were to reference them all here this post would be voluminous, but I’ll mention just a couple to support my claim.

In the 2012 election, 149 precincts in Cleveland reported that 100% of the votes were cast for Obama. Experts say that is a statistical impossibility. In the same election, it was discovered that many thousands of voters were registered in more than one state and voted in all of the states they were registered in and most of them were Democrats. There were also numerous reports around the nation of voting machines registering Romney votes as votes for Obama. Let’s not forget that many people were told that they had already voted when they showed up at the polls when they hadn’t voted at all and then there all of the dead people, pets and illegal aliens that voted.

With the 2016 election only 15 months away, it appears that Obama is again launching his attack on voter ID laws and I know why. He wrote a letter to the New York Times Magazine in which he wrote:

“Congress must restore the Voting Rights Act. Our state leaders and legislatures must make it easier — not harder — for more Americans to have their voices heard.”

In other words he wants Congress to find a way to override the Supreme Court decision that opened the door for voter ID requirements. If states require a voter ID, his millions of illegal aliens won’t be able to cast illegal votes for fellow Democrats.

Consider the facts that Obama defeated Romney by less than 5 million votes out of nearly 327 million total votes cast. Imagine the impact that 5 million to 10 million illegals could make if they found a way to cast votes in 2016?

Why else would Obama be pushing so hard to violate federal immigration laws and the US Constitution by allowing up to 20 million illegals to stay in the US and to force states to give them valid driver’s licenses? In most states, all you need is a valid driver’s license and lie about your citizenship and you can register to vote and cast an illegal ballot at the polls.

However, if states require a photo ID in order to vote, Obama’s illegals will be prevented from altering the election and defeating Obama’s treasonous actions.

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