Obama to Spend $100 Million to Train Foreigners to Take Jobs Away from Americans

Excuse my language but Barack Obama doesn’t give a damn about the American people and his record proves it.

Back when the official unemployment rate was still over 8%, Obama’s Senate puppet Harry Reid refused to allow 12 House jobs bills to reach anyone in the Senate. Reid didn’t even look at 11 of the 12 bills to see what they actually said, before killing them. At Obama’s instruction, every attempt to actually create jobs for American citizens were killed at the door to the US Senate.

Obama and his comrades have waged war against the coal and other fossil fuel energies costing thousands of American jobs. At the same time he has thrown billions of dollars to green energy programs which have produced little and left more Americans out of work. He continues to block the Keystone XL Pipeline project that would create anywhere from 10,000 to as many as 40,000 jobs for American workers in addition to helping America become energy independent.

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Instead of having the Defense Department use American companies for their military contracts, he has directed them to use foreign companies. One example was the $345 million contract that was awarded to Embraer, a Brazilian company. Had the contract been awarded to any of the several US companies that bid on the contract, it would have resulted in about 1,400 American jobs.

Worse yet is that Obama has been drastically slashing our military which has also cost thousands of jobs in addition to weakening our military defense capabilities.

The infamous Stimulus package was supposed to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it resulted in very few. Some of the Stimulus money even went for the creation of jobs in places like the Ukraine.

The White House war against Americans has been an integral part of Obama’s illegal immigration policies. He is pushing hard to allow millions of illegal aliens to remain in the US and he is giving them work permits so they can take millions of jobs away from Americans.

Over the past year, we’ve been hearing of a number of reports where foreign nationals have been coming to the US under an H-1B visa. This special visa was designed to allow foreigners with special skills to fill needed jobs here in the US when there weren’t any qualified Americans to fill them. However, that’s not been the case of late. A growing number of companies have been hiring H-1B visa holders and then having American workers train them, only to be replaced by them. This is happening in the technology fields as well as hotels, power companies and even state unemployment offices.

Obama has been asking that the 65,000 annual H-1B visas be increased to 195,000 per year so that more Americans can be pushed out of the work force. In his typical unabashed way, Obama brazenly announced that he has established TechHire, a program to use $100 million to train H-1B visa holders to take even more jobs away from Americans. Supposedly, the $100 million will come from fees paid for H-1B visas, which means that not only has Obama been giving American jobs away to illegals, but now he’s actively selling them to foreigners.

According to Obama, there is a huge need for more technology related workers so he is turning to recruiting and training people from other countries to fill the need. He never mentioned that thousands of tech workers in Silicon Valley have been and are being laid off and are more than available to fill the jobs Obama is talking about.

In his six years in office, Obama has not implemented or passed a single piece of legislation or action that has actually increased job opportunities for Americans. He’s effectively blocked any plan that would create jobs for Americans while striving very hard to give our jobs to legal and illegal immigrants. When will America wake up to see just how much Obama hates us and is so hell bent on destroying the America we all loved.

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