Obama to Use Executive Order to Destroy Second Amendment Rights

Whenever Barack Obama fails to get his way with Congress, he assumed dictatorial power and uses executive orders to defy the US Constitution and create new laws. When Congress wouldn’t pass Obama’s immigration reform, he used his executive order to bypass Congress and change existing federal immigration laws. According the US Constitution, only Congress can change a law that they passed, not the occupant of the White House. A couple of years later, Congress still refused to pass Obama’s immigration policy so he once again used his executive order to once again violate the US Constitution by bypassing Congress to change federal law.

For the past six and half years, Congress has refused to pass Obama’s anti-Second Amendment gun control legislation. He’s been pushing for universal background checks, claiming it will help prevent criminals and the mentally ill from obtaining guns. If you have carefully followed Obama’s anti-gun rhetoric you will also know that he wants universal background checks on all existing gun owners, not just those purchasing new firearms. He has gone so far as to say that he would like to see background checks made on all transfer of gun ownership, including when a grandfather or father hands down a gun to their kids and grandkids.

Additionally, he has called for background checks on the purchases of ammunition and a variety of gun accessories including magazines. As for the sale of ammunition, he has said in the past that he wants to limit the amount anyone can purchase at one time and in a given period. Mind you that when Obama said this, the Department of Homeland security reportedly was purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition. It’s okay for the federal government to stockpile weapons and ammo but not for American citizens who wish to protect themselves if the country goes under.

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Over the weekend, Obama traveled to Roseburg, Oregon to meet with the families of the victims of the Umpqua Community College shootings. Not everyone welcomed Obama’s visit including the family of one of the victims who said they did not want to meet with Obama. Additionally, a significant protest was launched by others against him and his anti-Second Amendment policies.

In the wake of the most recent shootings, sources at the White House have said that Obama is seriously considering using his executive powers to once again change existing laws and create new ones, mainly the implementation of universal background checks. The new background checks are supposedly focusing on gun dealers who sell at gun shows and large quantity of guns.

Last week, Obama said that he was instructing his team to:

“…scrub what kinds of authorities do we have to enforce the laws that we have in place more effectively to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

“Are there additional actions that we can take that might prevent even a handful of these tragic deaths from taking place? This will not change until the politics change and the behavior of elected officials changes, and so the main thing I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about this on a regular basis, and I will politicize it because our inaction is a political decision that we are making.”

Obama is right in that nothing will change unless someone takes action, but the action he is taking will only lead to fewer law abiding Americans being allowed to own and purchase firearms, making them more vulnerable to the criminals who will continue to obtain guns illegally as they do now. If Obama succeeds, history says that gun violence will increase, not decrease.

I’ve recently written how Obama’s style of gun control has only led to higher rates of murders and gun violence in places like Chicago, Baltimore and in Australia. I’ve also pointed out that the vast majority of the mass shootings take place in gun free zones where no one is allowed to legally carry a gun to protect themselves with. In that post, I named a number of instances where mass shootings were prevented or where the loss of life was reduced by law abiding gun owners carrying their firearms and using them.

I’ve also challenged Barack Obama to explain to Americans his own personal hypocrisy on gun free zones. He wants every school, college and university in America to be declared gun free zones. He’s even spoken out against arming faculty and staff at schools. Yet the school his kids have been attending is a gun free zone but it’s also protected by no fewer than 11 armed guards when the students are on campus. It’s okay for him and his kids but not for you and your kids.

If Obama and his fellow liberals want to make the streets, schools and places of business safer in America, all they have to do is allow more law abiding citizens to carry their guns with them to work, church, shopping and school. When’s the last time you heard of an armed robber holding up a bar where cops frequent? Why don’t we hear about mass shootings at locations where employees or visitors are known to be carrying guns?

Obama believes the best defense for American citizens is an unarmed populace. Yet our nation operates on the principle that the best defense is a good offense, usually in the form of a well-armed military. History and facts show the same is true for the general population of a nation as well and the same history and facts show that an unarmed population is more vulnerable to crime and governmental takeover, which I believe to be the true motive behind Obama’s actions.

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