Is Obama Trying to Increase Hatred of the US?

Reading Obama’s UN speech we have to ask: Was the president supposed to get people to like us; or to make the US the most hated nation on the planet?

My reasoning is simple: there is almost nothing more aggravating and provoking than for someone to apologize to you for his actions while he engages in more of those actions while he apologizes. Whether you agreed with him or not, at least, George W. Bush claimed that what he was doing was right. Obama basically apologizes for Bush while going way beyond Bush in the same behavior he is apologizing for. By drone attacks, indefinite detention, illegal spying, encircling China (aka “the Asian pivot”), supporting Al Qaeda in Libya and now Syria, keeping troops in Iraq (while lying about it), persecuting whistle-blowers, Obama has shown himself worse than his accusations against Bush—and in many other ways.

I’ll pass over Obama’s repeated pretense that we have proof Assad used chemical weapons or his many other lies and evasions and skip to his summary:

“To summarize, the United States has a hard-earned humility when it comes to our ability to determine events inside other countries. Now, the notion of American empire may be useful propaganda, but it isn’t borne out by America’s current policy or by public opinion. Indeed, as recent debates within the United States over Syria clearly show.”

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The “public opinion” Obama refers to is precisely what paused the empire’s plan to attack Syria. The people are showing humility while the executive government class, represented by Obama, doubles down on arrogance.

“The danger for the world is not an America that is too eager to immerse itself in the affairs of other countries, or to take on every problem in the region as its own. The danger for the world is, that the United States… may disengage creating a vacuum of leadership that no other nation is ready to fill.”

Vacuum? What about Iraq, which is now ruled by a despotic Shiite government that uses secret prisons, secret police, and torture, but can’t protect the people from Sunni Al Qaeda terrorism that has nested in the country now that Hussein’s regime is gone? What about Libya, which is now a storm zone of extremist Jihadist militias?

Incredibly, Obama actually addresses Libya:

“But does anyone truly believe that the situation in Libya would be better, if Gadhafi had been allowed to kill, imprison or brutalize his people into submission?”

Duh. Yes. He was far less brutal to civilians than the Al Qaeda terrorists and he was able to enforce stability and relative tolerance. If we gave air support to Al Qaeda “to kill, imprison, or brutalize” people, why not let Gadhafi do it on his own?

Everyone at the UN knows that Obama has told a string of lies. How can this possibly do anything but stir up contempt and hatred?

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