Obama Undermining National Security With Immigration Amnesty

When President Barack Obama illegally bypassed Congress and signed his executive order Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process, he took another step toward weakening America’s national security.

His order allowed nearly 1 million illegal immigrants to remain in the United States AND to apply for work permits and other benefits, some of which are reserved for U.S. citizens.  Among those benefits or privileges is the obtaining of valid state driver’s licenses.

Some states like Arizona, Mississippi and Nebraska have taken measures to block the illegals covered by Obama’s order from getting valid state driver’s licenses.  They understand that having a driver’s license can open the doors to many other benefits including registering to vote and purchasing firearms.

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Other states like California are about to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to obtain state driver’s licenses and one person there is quite concerned about it.  Former State Department Foreign Service office Jessica Vaughan says that allowing illegals to obtain driver’s licenses could pose a threat to public safety concerns and national security.  Vaughan, who is the current director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies commented:

“There’s never been a deferred action program like this where hundreds of thousands of people in the state of California are going to qualify.”

“We have no idea who’s going to get legal status for this program, so for the state of California to then turn around and bless these people with another form of official identification is a huge mistake.”

I believe the national security is being threatened because hundreds of thousands are going to be able to obtain a valid state driver’s license which is all they need to register to vote.  By his very actions, Obama is securing the votes of hundreds of thousands of foreigners who have no legal right to vote, but will and they will vote for him.  To think that enough foreign nationals will vote in November is a huge threat to our national security as well as an insult to American citizens and all of our military personnel who serve to protect our rights as CITIZENS to vote.

I only hope and pray that more states wake up and smell what Obama is spreading and block illegals from obtaining driver’s licenses and voting in November’s election.

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