Obama Unemployment Figures Purposely Skewed

The White House’s latest unemployment figure of 8.3% has been touted as proof that the nation is recovering and Obama’s programs are working.  However, these figures have been purposely falsified to make a failing presidency look good in an election year.

In 2009, the national unemployment level was reported to be 10%.  The latest White House figure reports that the unemployment level has dropped to 8.3%, indicating a positive sign of recovery.

However, these are not true figures nor do they reflect the truth.

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Let’s look at the percentage of working age Americans that have formal jobs.  In 2000, that figure was 64.4%.  In 2007 this figure dropped to 63.0%.  In October of 2009 this figure had dropped to 58.5% where it has remained through December of 2011.

The total number of working age Americans is listed at 240.5 million people.  The 4.5% drop in working age Americans from the formal work force, that equates to nearly 11 million people that have left the work force.  They have either left the normal work force or have just stopped actively looking for a job.

The White House reports that there are 13.75 million Americans out of work, but this figure does not include the 11 million that have left the work force.  Their figures are based on those individuals that have actively sought employment in the 4 weeks prior to when the latest survey taken.  Anyone not job hunting in that 4 week period is excluded from the administrations unemployment rate of 8.3%.  It does not reflect those that have been out of work for two years or longer who are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits.

The Obama administration has tried to downplay this figure by claiming a large portion of the 11 million people that have dropped out of the workforce are young people between the ages of 16-24 who have opted to return to school instead of finding a job.  This may account for some of the 11 million, but not all of it.

The large number of young people returning to school may not be a positive indicator of an economic recovery as many of them will be racking up thousands of dollars of student loans.  When they do finally leave school to enter the work force, they will be carrying the heavy burden of their student loans upon their financial backs.  They become part of the $1 trillion of student loan debt that is consuming individuals and families.

It has been shown that many young people with large student loans invest so much of their time and energy in finding and working jobs to help pay back the loans that they put off getting married until later on.  This has a negative effect on the family structure of America and adds to the decline of one of the foundational institutions of America – the family.

If you believe the White House figures of jobs and economic recovery, compare it to the Ronald Reagan presidency when he brought the nation out of the recession created by Democratic president Jimmy Carter.  The Reagan recovery was obvious to everyone and did not need inflated and inaccurate statistics to sell it to the American people.  People saw jobs coming back.

Today, I still hear of company after company that are laying off workers, closing their doors or relocating their work force outside the US.  The housing market is still the lowest it’s been in over 60 years.  City, county and state governments are financially struggling and find themselves having to cut services and workers.

School districts are slashing extra-curricular activities, bussing and teachers.  They repeatedly try to get levies passed to help avoid having to layoff teachers, but in most cases, the people vote the levies down because they can’t afford the additional taxes.

America is not recovering as the White House wants you to believe and the figures they use to support their claim have been purposely tailored to do so.  It reminds me of what my statistics professor said in college.  He said that one of the weaknesses of statistics is that they can be so manipulated as to prove any position one wants to prove, regardless of how accurate that position really is.  The Obama administration are masters of statistical manipulation and I would not trust any statics they produce.

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