Obama Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Boost Small Businesses in Kenya While Destroying Them in US

Barack Hussein Obama is visiting his family in Kenya. On a photo-op he empathized his middle name HUSSEIN and his birth heritage with his father’s family. Some may have taken Obama’s emphasis as also referring to his Muslim heritage and upbringing. Unfortunately, Obama is not visiting his own birthplace during his Kenyan visit as it is supposedly too dangerous due to terrorist activities.

I can’t help but wonder if the real reason for Obama not visiting his birthplace is due to embarrassment. When he last visited in 2006, then Senator Obama promised all kinds of financial aid and help for the local school and village. After he left, villagers never saw a penny of the promised help. Obama built up their hopes and dreams and then left them to be dashed in the Kenyan dust.

Now Obama is promising the people of Kenya millions of dollars in aid to help people start up new small businesses. Some of the money is coming from corporate donors and some of it is in the form of US government grants paid for by you and me.

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Speaking at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya, Obama said:

“You can get a start-up moving at the speed of how fast you can text.”

“Africa is on the move. Young people ready to start something on their own: that’s entrepreneurship. It’s the spark of prosperity. It helps citizens stand up for their rights and push back against corruption.”

“You don’t have to look a certain way or have a certain last name to have an idea.”

Speaking out of the other side of his face, Obama spoke about how the future of Africa and Kenya is in the hands of young entrepreneurs and then warned against government and large corporate corruption hindering the efforts of the start-up businesses.

Ironically, Obama’s corruption here in the US is responsible for the closing of thousands of small businesses. New taxes, Obamacare and financial regulations have made it extremely difficult for many entrepreneurs to successfully operate their small businesses.

Adding to the problems is the push by Obama and his loyal Obamanites to raise the minimum wage which would force more small businesses to either lay off workers or close their doors. Thousands of small business owners say that Obama is their worst enemy.

So while Obama continues to force thousands of American small business owners to close their doors, he’s sending millions of our taxpayer dollars to open up the doors to small businesses in his home country of Kenya. Kind of tells you just where his loyalty lies, doesn’t it.

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