Obama Using Executive Orders For Gun Control While Nation’s Attention Focused On Syria

Is it possible that President Obama is purposely using the situation in Syria to distract Americans so he can quietly impose new executive orders dealing with more gun control?

After the Senate defeated most of Obama’s gun control measures four months ago, many believe that the topic has been set aside, at least for now, but that isn’t the case.  In fact, the White House has been building a list of executive actions that Obama could and probably will take on his own initiative to force more regulations on gun sales and ownership.  With the addition of two new actions, his list of possible executive orders on gun control is nearing 25.

One of the newest actions that has been added to his list is the halt of importation of any military weapons that the US sold or gave to our allies.  Since 2005, the US has given approval for the importation of 250,000 military weapons that were sold or provided to other countries.  Under Obama’s new action being considered, only museums and limited number of other entities, such as the federal government would be given approval to bring these weapons back into the US.

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Another action added to his list would be to plug up a loophole in current background checks that allows convicted felons or others that are not allowed to own a firearm to register them to a corporation.  Under the new action, all people associated with a corporation or trust, including trustees, board members and beneficiaries, would all have to undergo a background check before a gun could be registered to the organization.

Obama has used his executive orders in the past to illegally bypass Congress.  When Congress failed to pass the immigration DREAM Act, Obama made an executive order to allow nearly 1 million illegals to remain in the country.  He also took it upon himself to instruct the Defense Department not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, which was a congressional action and which he had no legal right to do.

The question now is just how much gun control Obama will place into action using his executive orders.  Our Congress is too full of spineless jellyfish to stand up and demand that Obama abide by the law.  It seems that nothing legal or illegal has stopped him in the past and I don’t see that being a deterrent in the future and distractions like Syria will give him the perfect opportunity to run some of these executive orders through while no one is watching.

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