Obama Using Ruse to Reduce Government to Get More Power

In what seems to be a turnaround ploy to take away some of the GOP criticism leveled at him in this election year, President Obama has announced that he wants to start reducing the size of the federal government.  Several of the Republican candidates have made reducing the size of the government key aspects of their campaign.

Obama announced over the weekend that the government is too big and that changes need to be made.  His words to the members of Congress gathered at the White House were, “The government we have is not the government we need.’’ (Sounds eerily like his ‘we need change’ talk he made leading up to the last presidential election.)

Mimicking the GOP, Obama said that he wanted to consolidate six economics agencies into one agency.  To do so, he is asking Congress for the same kind of reorganizing powers that Ronald Reagan had.  Supposedly, the powers he is asking for would require Congress to vote on the reconsolidation plan within 90 days.

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The Obama announcement has a twofold purpose.  One is the take away some of the steam from the Republican candidates and their stance on big government.  But why should anyone really believe that Obama intends to reduce the size of the federal government when all he’s done over the past three years is to increase the size of the government like a cow being fattened before the slaughter.

His Affordable Health Care Act created over 100 new agencies with the government just to handle all of the provisions hidden in the 2000+ pages of the bill.  That’s why Nancy Pelosi said that we needed to pass it in order to find out what’s in it.

The second motive behind his announcement is his attempt to get more and more power given to him by Congress.  If Congress grants him this added power what is to stop him from using it for other purposes?  Is it possible that he could use such powers to actually create new agencies and further increase the size of the federal government?

He’s already proven that he cannot be trusted as he has repeatedly assumed powers that he does not have and were never granted to him.  Those powers that he does have, he has abused and used them in ways they were not intended to be used.

However, by making his proposal, he is once again placing Republicans in a position to either fulfill his power lust or look hypocritical to the American people for not allowing him to do what they say they will do.  Obama’s actions are shrewd and carefully planned out so as to get what he wants or make the GOP look like the bad guys.

So now it’s up to Congress to decide which course of action to take.  I feel they have no other choice but grant him his wish and pray that they somehow can hold the reins on him so he doesn’t get any more out of control.

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