Obama vs. Ohio Early Voting – Round Two

Several weeks ago I reported that the Obama administration had filed a lawsuit against Ohio’s election officials over the state’s new early voting law.  In this instance, Ohio wanted to reduce the number of days allowed for early voting but cutting off the early voting three days prior to the election.  The Obama administration objected saying that the new law unfairly discriminated against those who wanted to vote early.

Now, the same Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee have filed another lawsuit against Ohio’s Attorney General and Secretary of State for allowing military personnel voting early to do so up to the Monday night before the election.  They believe that military personnel should face the same restriction as the general population.

A.G. Mike DeWine says that there has been a differentiation in voting days between military personnel and the general population dating back to the Civil War days.  Explaining, DeWine said:

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“For example, in absentee ballots, for years we have made a distinction about allowing people who are overseas in the military sending their ballots back … when that ballot has to be in and when it can be counted.”

“To put it really in context, I think you have to understand that Ohio has very expansive, open voting. For 35 days prior to the election date, any Ohio voter can walk into his or her local board of elections in that county and vote in person for 35 days.  Also, for a long period of time, people have the opportunity to get absentee ballots, and they don’t have to give any reason.”

Since Ohio is an important battleground state, it seems the Obama campaign is doing everything it can to tailor the state’s election laws to favor Obama.  In 2008, Obama carried the state with only 51.5% and polls to date show the race in Ohio to be fairly close between Obama and Romney.

Democrats want the general public to have as many days to vote as possible, but they do not want to extend the same privilege to those serving in the military.  The reason for this is obvious.  Polls indicate that 58% of military veterans favor Mitt Romney and only 34% favor Obama.   It just so happens that Ohio is home to Wright Patterson A.F.B., the largest military base within the United States.  Hence Obama doesn’t want to give military personnel any additional opportunity to vote for Romney over him.

What are the chances that Obama and the D.N.C. will succeed with their lawsuit?  Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department recently explained the reason states like Ohio make extra provisions for military personnel to vote, saying:

“Military voters can get suddenly deployed. They may think they’re going to be here, and suddenly, they get orders transferring them.  That happens all the time. So, there is a reason, actually, to give special time to military voters to be able to vote early.”

So far in this campaign season, the Obama administration and the Democratic Party has done everything they can to block measures to prevent voter fraud (voter ID, clearing dead people and illegals from voter registration lists, and supporting no home address requirement).  They have fought states and court cases challenging Obama’s eligibility without providing any evidence that he is eligible except for a fraudulent birth certificate, Social Security Card and Selective Service Application.

It seems that they are worried that they can’t win the election legally, so are doing everything in their power to change the rules in order gain the victory.  I pray this latest move to deprive military personnel the access to vote, that has been given them for over 100 years, is made known throughout the military worldwide as it clearly shows that Obama doesn’t care about them at all.

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