Obama vs Real America

I watched the Town Hall Debate between soon to be former President Barack Obama and soon to be President Mitt Romney Tuesday night.  Obama’s responses reminded me of a combination of a Vaudeville and a magic act.

Whenever Obama responded to a question, whether from the audience or from Romney, he tap-danced around the question without saying what real changes he would make in his second term to repair a failed economy and create jobs.  He also used sleight of hand to create the illusion of having actually made progress in his current term to improve conditions in the U.S, much like a magician or illusionist does to make you think they really made an airplane disappear on stage.

I noticed that the audience in the debate was supposed to be uncommitted voters, but it seemed fairly obvious that there were a number of Democrats among them who seemed to already have their minds made up.  I really wish the guy in this video could have been there at the debate and addressed Obama with the following:

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He hammered the nails of reality home by describing what happens in the real world to real Americans.  When you raise taxes on the wealthy, they create fewer jobs, not more.  When you raise taxes on small business owners, they start firing instead of hiring.

Obama’s plans have business owners scared to invest in their own businesses and hire more people.  Obamacare will also add to the expenses of running a business, so combine that with higher taxes and the net results are less jobs and an economy further in decline.

Then this guy wants Obama to explain how raising taxes on the oil companies reduces the price of gas for the rest of us.  I really wished that question would have been asked during the second debate because this guy is right.  If oil companies have to pay more, then so will we.  They are not about to cut anything off their bottom line, no matter how many billions they make in profits.  Any increase to them will be passed on to us.  Therefore, if Obama is re-elected and gets his way with the oil companies, be prepared to see $5 gas, $6 gas and even higher.

To that, I would have added a question asking why healthcare costs have gone up by $2,500 per family when Obama promised they would go down by that amount.

Yeah, there were a few good questions raised in the debate, but not the right ones.  If I were in Mitt Romney’s shoes, I would have been hammering Obama on these questions and others about his failed policies and not relenting until it became clear to everyone that Obama is completely out of touch with real America and has only hurt the people and country.  That’s what America needs to see, that there is a war between Barack Obama and real America and America is losing at the moment.  We need a David to stand up against the Goliath and knock him out of the White House.  Otherwise, we as a nation and a people may be down for the final count.

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