Obama Waives Ban on Arming Terrorists to Aid al-Qaida

President Obama has made it official: He, as commander in chief of the United States military, is publicly aiding al-Qaida, and he has now waived U.S. law to do it.

On Monday, Obama officially waived prohibitions in Sections 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act so that he can give military assistance to “vetted” terrorist-linked opposition groups in Syria.

The law itself states:

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“The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect to a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism. …”

The law does allow the president to waive those restrictions on arming terrorists if he deems it necessary for national security.

By waiving the law that prohibits arming known terror groups, Obama is admitting two things: one, that he knows that by supporting the Syrian rebels he is championing terrorists, including some of the same people who helped murder thousands of Americans on 9-11; and two, he doesn’t care.

The president has been wanting a war in Syria for years, secretly arming and funding the rebels, even supplying personnel smuggled into Syria through Turkey.

He was brought to heel just last week by Vladimir Putin, who was happy to demonstrate what a real world leader looks like.

But I noted at the time that Obama’s textbook narcissism makes him dangerous and that he wouldn’t take his public humiliation sitting down.

Now it appears that the White House and the Kremlin are trying to outdo each other with outrageous demands while negotiating the Russians’ plan for peace in Syria, the handing over of Assad’s chemical weapons.

The United States still is bent on sending a military assault into Syria and the White House will seize on anything that will help it get there, especially if it means sabotaging Putin after last week’s curb stomping of Obama.

A recent study by the U.N. ruled that sarin gas was “definitely” used in the Syrian attack on civilians. That same report also refused to assign blame for the attack, but that hasn’t stopped the White House and supporters from citing the report as “proof” that we need to stop Assad.

War in Syria is not only Obama’s long-term goal, probably in payback to the Saudi royal family for getting him into Harvard, it’s also necessary right now to distract America from the abyssmal Obama economy.

Obama is willing to do anything necessary to get what he wants. And if it’s not legal, such as arming terrorists, then like a movie villain, he will make it legal.

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