Obama Wants Artists to Work for Free to Design Jobs Posters

I’ve seen brazen people in my life, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone more so than the President Hypocrite!

Ever since the debt crisis fiasco this summer, Obama has been bouncing all over the country touting his jobs plan.  He says that he has the only plan to put Americans back to work.

Obama acts like he is the messiah to the unemployed.  He can and will create one million jobs for his people.  And the gullible look up in awe, put their hands together in praise as if they were worshipping a deity.

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It kind of reminds me of some of these old movies where someone comes into a primitive culture and sets themselves up as the god of the people.  I can only hope that it ends like most of the movies where the people finally wise up and see their god as nothing more than a fraud, liar and mortal and then they destroy him.

As Obama concludes a bus tour of the central east coast trying to promote his jobs plan, news surfaces that he and his campaign are asking artists to use their time, talents and supplies to create ‘support American jobs’ posters.  At first one would think that he is helping his cause by creating some new jobs, but that is not the case.  He is asking all of the artists to do this for free.  Then there will be a competition to determine the top three designs.  These artists will them receive payment of their efforts when presented with a copy of their work autographed by the president.  According to members of the Artist Guild, the posters will have no monetary value unless they are sold.

If I was a graphic artist, I would be doubly upset and insulted by the insensitive nature of this request when I consider that he has raised over $70 million in campaign contributions and knowing that there is approximately $61 million available to the campaign at this moment.

That’s like the rich guy who expects the poor person to work for him for virtually nothing because the rich guy is rich and the poor guy isn’t.

Any artist that is that stupid and naïve to take part in this shameful and arrogantly conceited scheme of his hypocriteness deserves to work for free and to get the kind of leadership that could have them working that way for a long time to come.

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