Obama Wants Men With Guns Around At All Times to Protect His Daughters, But Not Yours!

President Barack Obama wants to leave every American home unprotected except their own.  They want to take all of our guns away, despite the numerous reports of law abiding citizens using their guns to protect themselves and their children.  Yet, back in December, Obama told an ABC Nightline interviewer that one of the benefits of being re-elected is having men around at all times to protect his daughters.

He doesn’t give a damn about your daughters or my daughters or our wives and mothers.  Obama doesn’t care about 18 year old Sarah McKinley and her infant son who had to shoot an intruder in her home.  Biden and Bloomberg don’t care about 12 year old Kendra St. Clair who had to shoot an intruder in her home.  They don’t care about Donnie Herman’s wife and twin sons.  They would have preferred for her to face her home intruder unarmed rather than shoot the intruder and defend herself and her boys.

Obama only cares about his daughters and his family.  That’s why he just signed a bill into law that insures that he and every other president will have lifetime protection by armed Secret Service agents.  The bill also provides for armed Secret Service protection for all First Ladies for life and for all children of presidents up to the age of 16.

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How convenient for the child rider in the bill since very few presidents have children that young when they leave office because they are usually older and their kids are grown.  Chelsea Clinton was 21 when her dad vacated the Oval Office.  If we are able to evict Obama in 2016, his girls will be 18 and 15 at the time.

Doesn’t it seem hypocritical for someone who is so anti-gun and contemplating violating the US Constitution and the Second Amendment to strip Americans of the guns they use to protect themselves and their families to sign a bill into law granting armed protection for the rest of his life?

Talk about the ultimate entitlement!  And then to add insult to injury, all of us will be forced to pay for his hypocrisy and armed Secret Service protection.

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